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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Does The Slendertone Belt Burn Fat? The Truth Revealed

Instant gratification is the order of the day. It's so hard in this modern society in which we live, to break free from this debilitating mindset. Does the Slendertone belt burn fat? This is the burning question, excuse the pun, so many have and in this short article we shall reveal the truth as best we can by addressing the following questions:
Does the Slendertone belt burn calories?Toward who is the Slendertone belt best suited?Is our mindset preventing us from certain results that could easily be ours?
Does the Slendertone belt burn calories?
You may be thinking, isn't that just another way of saying "does the Slendertone belt burn fat?" Well, here's the difference. Calories are a measure of energy - much the same as amps and volts is the measurement of electricity. This is basic stuff for most of you who count calories.
Back to our question, because the ab belt is causing the constant contraction of muscles over a period in time then we can assume that it is burning calories. Whether it's using enough calories to burn fat of any significance, may be determined by the amount of calories being consumed at meal times.
Toward who is the Slendertone belt best suited?
It's been said that the toning belt is best suited to those who are not carrying any fat. Those who are carrying excess belly fat can take some encouragement though provided they are not relying on it to deliver unrealistic results. The main function of the ab belt, or any Slendertone system for that matter, is to firm and strengthen that particular muscle region. To this end, those who are unable to exercise, for whatever reason, the Slendertone belt is well suited.
Is our mindset preventing us from certain results that could easily be ours?
As mentioned in the opening paragraph, we have this mindset these days that require instant results. Unfortunately, the odds are seriously stacked against us. Instant gratification leads to 'meals in a minute', instant coffee, preservative packed goodies, etc. The result is we have essentially become a rather lazy society with little foresight or "stick-ability" and the majority of foods consumed are seriously lacking in goodness. Hence, we look for the simple solutions and want a gadget to fix all our problems.
While toning and strengthening is the result of using the Slendertone system and it does contribute to burning more calories; improved results for burning fat will necessitate a combination of factors as previously discussed.
Taz Valiant is dedicated to imparting valuable knowledge gleaned from years of research and an empathy for those struggling with their weight. Having himself suffered for years and trying all the conventional 'next best thing' weight-loss propaganda, he decided to throw caution to the wind, at least in the eyes of the puppeteers, and do his own research. If you're struggling with excess belly fat check out his fat burning furnace review and grab your free e-book 'Insider Secrets to a Lean Body'. Otherwise, check out his other Slendertone Reviews here:
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