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Saturday, June 18, 2011

5 Reasons Why Growth Hormone Doubles Your Six Pack Abs Results

Six pack abdominals is something that many people are aiming to achieve, but what can people really do to get six pack abdominals nowadays?

Well, there are certain hormones that actually promote weight loss and help you obtain six pack abs in much less time it would take you if you didn't know these secrets.

Hormones are biologically active substances that regulate many key processes throughout the body. Nothing influences our body's shape more than our own hormones because they regulate weight, metabolism, how much muscle we have, and even our food intake.

By learning to optimize the effects of certain key hormones, you can maximize your fitness routine and lose weight fast. Not only that, but you will see a decrease in the amount of time it takes you to start noticing the toning of your six pack abdominals.

Hormones are very powerful allies in your battle to achieve the perfect, chiseled stomach and all around physique.

So let's get into one of the six most powerful hormones.

Human growth hormone (GH) is the most abundant hormone produced by your pituitary gland and it is mainly released during sleep.

GH secretion is known to decrease with age, but most of growth hormone's powerful effects are due to what GH converts into once it hits your liver.

That is the important step to remember; once it hits your liver.

Research shows that Growth Hormone has been known to do 5 major things that have to do with weight loss and six pack abdominals development.

Here are the 5 major positives that come from Growth Hormone:

1) First, it increases lean body mass. What this means is that Growth Hormone promotes the lean body type that many people want, because it helps you develop muscle, but at the perfect amount to maintain and even obtain that lean body.

2) Also Growth Hormone has been known to reduce body fat, which is pretty self-explanatory because the main goal of weight loss plans is to decrease the amount of unwanted fat.

3) The third major quality of Growth Hormone is that it increases energy. What this does is help give you more energy to push through your workouts to get the maximum results possible out of your aerobics exercises and abdominal workouts.

4) The fourth thing Growth Hormone does is stimulates the immune function. We all know how important immunity is and how staying healthy is important, because if you're unhealthy, then you can't workout. But if you are healthy, then you can workout to get results and lose weight faster.

5) The fifth quality of Growth Hormone is that it enhances protein metabolism and other processes that are designed to boost muscle and bone mass. Along with an increase in bone mass and muscle development, it has important effects on carbohydrate protein and bone metabolism.

Because Growth Hormone is released primarily during sleep, its important to get sufficient amounts of sleep every night. Exercise, both cardiovascular and weight training, is a potent stimulus for GH release.

Your diet can also affect GH levels. For example, a recent study has shown that men consuming soy protein has increased levels of the hormone GH.

When you configure your own exercise and diet plan (weight loss plan) make sure that you use protein and foods that help you use Growth Hormone to stimulate fat loss and support lean body mass.

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