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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Fastest Way To Lose Weight - Through Positive Goals And Mindset

I think everyone wants to find that magic pill or potion to help them find the fastest way to lose weight.

There are so many weight loss pills, programs and systems out there that is can get pretty confusing for the person who is serious about taking a proactive step toward a healthier body and a healthier you.

One of the major keys to losing weight and maintaining it is to have a good plan of action and then sticking with it. I know that is easier said than done. Good intentions don't go a long way when you are tempted by that scrumptious dessert at that family gathering. Especially when everyone else is indulging and, you don't want to feel left out.

To help you put it all in perspective, here are a few key principles that you can follow to stay on track to reaching your weight loss goals, whether you want to lose weight fast or take your time and slowly but surely lose those extra pounds.

1. It all starts in the mind.

Now I am not going to start off on a deep psychological discussion about the mind. But it is true that what you believe or don't believe you can or can't do, will really determine how successful you are.

When you are setting those weight loss goals, it is very helpful to visualize what you want to achieve and how that looks to you. If you can picture how fabulous you will look in that size 8 outfit you saw in the store the other day, it is really a huge motivator and can get you through those rough tempting moments when you want to blow it.

2. Set Realistic Goals

Decide how much weight you want to lose and how you are going to achieve that before you start any weight loss program. It is very important to set a very achievable goal to start with so that you don't become discouraged and quit. It is not a good idea to initially set a goal of losing 10 pounds a week if you have never, ever done it before. You will only be setting yourself up for failure. Don't do that!

Ask yourself if you are ready to do this and where you motivation is coming from. Is it coming from your own desire or is it coming from someone nagging you about your weight. If it is coming from your own desire, you are more apt to be committed. If it is coming from outside pressure, you are probably only doing it because of guilt, and that is not a good motivator.

3. Can you deal with setbacks?

This is a very important question to ask yourself and to honestly answer. The path to success is going to encounter occasional setbacks, and if you are not prepared for them ahead of time, it can be devastating to your confidence as well as your self-esteem.

Can you deal with occasional lack of progress? There will be times where you will reach a plateau for a period of time. This will be a time when you will have to ride it out and be patient with the process. Plateaus and staying at the same weight for awhile will happen, so you need to be prepared mentally for those times and not let it derail your overall progress. See what I mean by it all starting in your mind?

4. Can you focus on weight loss fully?

Can you focus all your attention to a weight loss program right now, or are there other issues you need to take care of that will be too distracting? Stressful family or job issues are some of the major factors that lead to failing in a weight loss program. It may be best to hold off until those issues are resolved. Or you may be a person who thrives on the challenge. If so, go for it.

These are just a few key guidelines to follow and serious questions to ask yourself as you decide to embark upon a weight loss program. Deciding to lose weight on a whim instead of seriously considering all areas of your life will only lead to failure and feelings of low self-worth.

The fastest way to lose weight starts in your mind. Once you attain the proper mindset, you are already halfway there and setbacks won't affect you or the final outcome.

Shari Hickman is a health and fitness advocate with many years of research and personal experience. Discover more secrets here to Lose Weight Fast.

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