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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How To Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat

How to get rid of lower belly fat while you enjoy every minute of it!

You are wondering how to get rid of lower belly fat. Many of us think about it quite frequently. As I was getting older and I saw my older friends getting that muffin top, I swore to myself it would not happen to me. But it did! I panicked and started my quest to get rid of it. I found one of the easiest ways to lose that muffin top. I am talking about the combo, Hip Hop Abs and Rockin' Body. Both, Hip Hop Abs and Rockin' Body are coming from the trainer Shaun T. I think the Shaun T in this program and the Shaun T in Insanity are different persons. I find him really funny in these programs and quiet entertaining. You will see when you try them.

Why would I suggest Hip Hop Abs and Rockin' Body?

Both of them are based on the premise that you will burn belly fat without spending any time on the floor, doing crunches, sit ups, etc.They both deliver on that promise, and if you love to dance, this is your dancing abs routine! You are in for a treat. You will quickly stop your quest to get rid of lower belly fat! Particularly, when doing exercises on the floor is not your preference.I especially love Rockin' Body. The intensity level is higher than Hip Hop Abs. Some of the routines you are like totally drenched and you do not even feel like you are exercising, you are just dancing!I like the moves! Shaun T is a great dancer and at the end of the program you become one too. So, I think I am!Anytime I feel like I need a lift, I push and play with Shaun T, and suddenly the world is a better place!

What should you expect? Are these dancing routines really going to help me on how to get rid of lower belly fat?

The program is set up around the 30 days mark, and you can auto-scheduled it at WOWY.This work out is fun, a lot of fun. I love some routines much better than other ones, but overall all are fun.Be prepared to sweat like crazy and of course to burn belly fat!

My favorite routines in this program are:

Booty Time! This is my all-time favorite, it is just fun and you enjoy shaking your booty! It is only 30 minutes, yet, you are soaked.Hard-Core Abs! This routine is 10 minutes long of pure abs exercising, all while dancing. The music is awesome and it just goes so well with the exercise. I love it. The best dancing abs routine I found.

Why do I love this program?

It is a lot of fun!Love the music, stays with you the rest of the day, and night.You are working on your whole body while you try to burn belly fat. But the best part is, you do not even notice! You are just Rockin' out!

What kind of results should I expect?

This is a total body workout, you will be working out on your arms, legs, belly fat, and shape your booty!Check out the video section of my website, you will be able to see a lot of examples, and I am positive that you will find someone that you will connect to.

Are these programs for you? These two programs are for anybody! You will get in the grove on the first video session! I would suggest that, unless you are active already, start with Hip Hop Abs and move up to Rockin' Body.

As with other reviews, I want to make sure you have the insight of what others are saying about, so you can answer your own question: how to get rid of lower belly fat. You would find the Hip Hop Abs and Rockin' Body reviews under 3 different shopping channels here.

And if you were wondering, here are some key items:

What do the programs include? 1) The DVD4 set, a nutrition guide: key to any program, a Quick start Guide and 24/7 support.Would you need anything else? No. Just get moving!What kind of guarantee does the program have? The program comes with a 30 day guarantee. You have no excuses.

Hope this review has helped you. There are 5 different programs in this site. All of them are great programs, at the end, it will depend on you: which one speaks to you; which one connects to you directly. I hope you find that both of these programs are fun, are easy that you will be doing them every day. I think this will put an end on your research: how to get rid of lower belly fat!

Looking for other options? I can show you another way to get rid of belly fat, a totally different approach, with awesome results.

Come to my site where you can find free advice and other resources so you can burn that belly fat.

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