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Thursday, June 30, 2011

How To Lose Weight Without A Diet Plan - Lose Weight The Natural Way

So many diet programs promise rapid weight loss. If you just do this exercise. If you just eat this special food. If you just swallow these pills. The truth is, 95% of diets fail. If your reading this, you are probably one of those people who has tried countless diets, but has failed to find one that works. In this article, I will tell you the right way to lose weight. The natural way. The way your body is supposed to lose weight.

In the following paragraphs, I will give you the secrets to losing weight, that the diet companies don't want you to know. First, you will have to agree with something, alright? You must promise yourself, and those close to you, that you will stick to the plan, and lose weight.

Right now, I want you to set a weight goal. Now right it down, and stick it to your fridge. It can be on a sticky note, you can stick it with a fridge magnet, or even tape if you want.

First, lets boost your metabolism. This can be done surprisingly easily. Make a fist. See that size? That's all I want you to eat, every time you eat. You need to eat 5 times a day. Three of these can be at meal times, the other two you could consider brunch, and your afternoon snack. Ok, if you want, you can have a little bigger of a breakfast, but when it comes to dinner, remember. Your going to bed soon. Try to take a small walk before bed, but don't over do yourself. You just want to get the blood flowing to try to burn off some of that dinner.

There are good fats/, and bad fats. You need to try to take in some good fats in your day. Good fats tend to be in almonds, walnuts, peanuts, avocados, and olive oil. Foods rich in polyunsaturated fat are salmon, cod, corn and sunflower oils, flaxseed and other fish oils. These fats can actually help you in your goal of weight loss!

Obviously, you will want to avoid saturated fats. This is commonly found in packaged foods, as well as fried foods. Yes, this means that you need to stay away from those fast food restaurants. Buy good food at the store. This will not only help you lose weight, it will also save you money.

Water is the Best thing on this planet. It flushes those nasty toxins out of your system, improves the look of your skin, and gives you more energy through the day. Bring water with you everywhere you can. The more you drink, the better. I drink half a gallon a day, and it makes me feel great!

Spinach is a high-octane vegetable, packed with minerals, anti-oxidants, calcium, etc. The longer it sits, the less nutrients it has, so make sure to buy it fresh. This is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Look for local farmer stands to buy fresh spinach.

Broccoli is an amazing food. It has calcium that gets absorbed by the body better than milk. It actually burns more calories when you eat it than it gives you. Because of this, you can eat all the broccoli you want, and not worry about it. Because of its high calcium, it makes your bones stronger while you lose weight. It can be used as a filler, so eat it when ever you get that urge to eat extra food.

Kale is a high-fiber food, with beta-carotene. It makes for a great colon cleaner. You should empty your colon at least once a day, so this food is great for helping you out in that area.

Tomatoes are one of those vegetables that is high in vitamin C. The problem is, once you cut them, they start losing nutrients. Once you cut that tomato, eat it up fast. There some delicious tomato recipes out there, so enjoy!

Eggs are one of my favorite kinds of food. Have them in the morning, and they will do several great things for you. They will give you energy fast, they help you think clearly, and they have B12 in them. B12 helps your stomach break down fat, and turn it into energy for you to use throughout the day!

Beans, beans, the magical fruit. Cook them through, their good for you. If you don't, they'll drag on you. Please note, that re-fried beans and baked beans are bad for you.

Green Tea has catechins, natural antioxidant. This not only helps you lose weight, but it also fills your stomach if you get hungry, fighting that urge to eat more food. You should try to have green tea once a day if you can, as it will also aid in speeding up your metabolism.

Salad is a great way to fill your stomach. When making a salad, its best to add few other things to it, such as cucumber, carrot, tomato, some peppers, and even chicken! One thing to watch out for, is dressing. Try to avoid using dressing. If you feel you must use it, use only a small amount.

Fruits are a wonderful source of fiber, and natural sugars. As the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. They are not only sweet, but are great for filling you up.

Lean Meat should always be taken over more fatty meat. 15% fat has double the amount of calories as 5% fat meat. It may be a bit more pricey, but it will save you weight.

Soup has a high amount of water in it. It both hydrates you, and fills you up. This is best eaten at dinner, as the water will bring it through your system better as you sleep.

Cinnamon can keep you from having insulin spikes during the day. With just a little in the morning, that should take away those random sugar cravings you get throughout the day.

High Fiber Foods are what keep you feeling full throughout the day. Eat more of these, and you will stop having such a strong "need to eat." Always pack a high-fiber food in your lunch if you can.

Spaghetti Squash is one of the best replacements in spaghetti dinners. As it has lower calories, high fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. Spaghetti squash looks a lot like pasta, making it a great candidate.

Oatmeal and cinnamon in the morning will give you a good amount of energy, and let you keep it till around lunch time.

Salmon is one of those foods with Omega 3 oils. These oils are great if you have a lot of belly fat, as they help get rid of it more quickly.

Yogurt is a girl's best friend. It fights belly fat, as well as keeps you from getting so many sugar cravings throughout the day.

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- Alex Gagnon

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