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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Real HCG Drops - Choosing the Best Type For Yourself

Scientific findings have backed the potency of HCG drops in the achievement of quick and consistent weight loss and that is why both obese men and women who are not happy with their weights resort to it in order to shed some pounds to obtain their desired body weight levels. However, there are different types of HCG drops on the market in terms of price levels, mode of application and their accessibility. Choosing the best type for you is as essential as the product itself, even though there is not any difference in their level of efficiency for body fat trimming.

HCG Injections

Many weight watchers inject themselves with HCG injections as a means of getting the natural weight loss supplement into their bodies. It is a really great way to generate weight loss and comes cheaper than sublingual types on the market. It has a few demerits, including the fact that you have to order extra supplies in advance so you will always have enough quantities available to you, since it takes more waiting time before your orders are shipped. Also most US suppliers do not sell these injections without doctor's prescriptions, meaning you will have to order from a foreign-based firm if you prefer this type and therefore you will have to wait longer to get access to your supplies. You will also have to purchase additional products for mixing the right quantities of HCG as well as syringes and containers for keeping the supplements fresh in your fridge. Injections can also be painful and uncomfortable for many people.

Sublingual HCG Drops

Sublingual HCG drops supplies is the most expensive on the market and just like HCG injections, you will have to follow instructions on how to mix it properly as well as have to invest in the purchase of pure water which doesn't contain bacteria for mixing as well as syringes, needles and other inputs. High quantities of this type of HCG drops also have to be ordered in advance due to delayed shipping, so that you will never run short of supplies.

However, the fact that sublingual HCG is ingested through the mouth means you will not have to go through any pain, unlike the injection method.

Homeopathic HCG Drops

This type of HCG is gaining more popularity with each passing day due to the fact that it comes premixed in bottles and all you have to do is to read the instructions on the bottle for the right daily dosage.

Homeopathic HCG drops are the most affordable on the market and the shortest shipping waiting time, meaning you will not have to wait as long as HCG injections or sublingual HCG drops. They are easy to apply orally and carry the same optimum weight loss effect as the other types.


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