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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why Are You Overweight? Are Childhood Habits Making You Fat And Giving You False Hunger?

Our reasons for overeating may be down to our past childhood memories. Of course there are many reasons for overeating and being fat or overweight but one of the best first steps to losing weight is to try to understand why you are like you are and then to try to monitor your eating patterns.

Do you fit any of the following types:

1) Are you a snacker, unable to walk past the fridge or cupboard without opening in and picking up a cookie?

2) Do you eat a full meal and then two hours later need to eat another full meal?

3) Do you always eat food if it's available, piling your plate as high as possible and eating every last morsel of food until your plate is clean, whether you are full or not?

If you are any of the above then you may not be driven to eat because of what your body wants - more for what your mind wants and those thoughts can be present from childhood memories.

They are no longer appropriate to your current lifestyle but they are so deep-rooted that you have no control over them because you don't really know that they are there. They just happen and you just become fat and overweight as a consequence. What you do realize is that your eating is out of control.

This is what is known as 'false hunger' and it's a major and very common cause of being fat or overweight.

Here is one way to deal with feelings of false hunger:

Next time you feel the need to snack or eat without genuinely needing to or feeling hungry then stop what you are about to do and close your eyes. Let out a big sigh of relief to make yourself relax and then try to focus on that 'must eat now' feeling. Let the memories associated with that feeling come back into your mind. Don't fight them or dismiss anything as just being silly, just let the false hunger thoughts lead you to its source.

You may make some new discoveries about why you are too fat or overweight.

Like many people I had a lifetime of failed diets. My mother was a very sociable person who really had little time for us kids but she was lovely looking and very slim. My childhood memories are of my mother constantly criticising every mouthful of food I ate and what I have now come to realise is that food is tied in with the only real attention I used to get from my mother.

Now that I have an understanding of this then it makes the psychology of losing weight and body fat a far easier thing to deal with because I now have more understanding of why I am the type of eater that is prone to being overweight through strong childhood memories, so this is the emotion I need to control.

Do you feel that you are Overweight or Too Fat?

The the best way to combat excessive weight is to stick to a sensible and proven diet program which will help you Burn Fat Quickly and so lose weight fast.

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