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Friday, July 1, 2011

10 Tips On How To Lose Some Weight!

In this article you'll learn of 10 tips on how to lose some weight! So sit tight, grab a notebook, jot down some notes and open your mind to new things.

#1: Eat slower

If you are a fast eater, chances are your body isn't keeping up with you, making you feel hungrier for longer periods of time. Slow down and you'll notice your cravings go away without you eating so much.

#2: Get groceries after eating

Don't try to stock up on groceries when you are hungry, studies have shown that people who buy food on an empty stomach tend to make poor choices in the foods that they get. Eat some healthy food before you head on out so you refrain from buying fatty foods.

#3: Take the stairs

Opting to walk instead of a free elevator lift can prove to be beneficial if you usually take the elevator everyday. Try taking the stairs for a few days and you'll notice your energy slowly going up.

#4: Eat smaller meals more often

Reduce your caloric intake daily and spread your meals to about 5 meals daily and you'll notice a slimmer waistline. This technique helps to increase your metabolism and to lose weight all day.

#5: Make exercising enjoyable

One of the main reasons people don't exercise is because it's boring and not fun, one of the ways you can fix this problem is by listening to music while exercising. Grab yourself a tiny music player and you'll be good to go.

#6: Keep your body active

If you are at home doing nothing but watching TV, then you can't blame anyone but yourself for the you look. Remaining active often will lead to weight loss success.

#7: Laughter is key

Laughing often has shown to burn off calories, have some jokes to tell? Go ahead! Have a good time and lose weight in the process!

#8: Snack on fiber

Do yourself a favor and skip the chips and go directly to the peanuts. Peanuts are tasty and the super healthy alternative to regular tortilla chips. These are packed full of fiber and protein, you won't even notice they are healthy from the rich taste.

#9: Drink lots of water

Water is the ultimate drink for humans, it's really the only liquid we were meant to drink. Water also helps people control their cravings for caloric heavy foods. Drink more water to remain satisfied longer.

#10: Opt for the salad

If you have friends, chances are you go to eat a lot. To be on the safe side, always opt for the salad if you go to a fast food place. It's healthy for digestion and isn't packed full trans fats.

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