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Sunday, July 3, 2011

19 Quick Fire Ways to Get Fat!

Do you feel like you are doing everything right to lose the weight however no matter what you do, the scales will not shift and sometimes the scales even read a little heavier! Here are some myths that you may be following on your so called healthy plan that with a few tweaks you can start losing the weight you deserve straight away.

Follow these simple rules to make sure you put on fat this summer!

1.Eat starchy carbohydrates
2.Do long slow boring cardio
3.Perform 100 crunches every day
4.Drink orange juice
5.Eat porridge for breakfast
6.Drink low fat milk
7.Use margarine instead of butter
8.Make sure you ask for soy milk in your skinny latte
9.Take the yolk out of your eggs
10.Eat low fat yoghurt
11.Lift pink dumbbells
12.Skip breakfast
13.Avoid nuts as they are high in calories
14.Do not eat saturated fat
15.Do not eat red meat
16.Take your skin off your chicken and cut off the fat from your meat
17.Go to bed after 11pm
18.Drink sports drinks before or after your workouts
19.Starve yourself

Some of the above may be a little surprise to you as the press and popular health and fitness magazines write article after article about the above statements. How many people have been put on low fat diets and been told to sit on an exercise bike for countless hours, just to find they have actually put on weight and have less energy?

Ok, so now I know what not to do, what are the things I should be doing?
Below is a list of steps you should put in place to see your body measurements drop, energy levels increase, skin brighten up, hair shine and you will look and feel 10 years younger.

1.Get your carbohydrates from vegetables and fruit
2.Do short, explosive sprints
3.Perform a well balanced, structured exercise regime 3x a week involving exercises such as squats, deadlifts, push ups and pull ups
4.Red bell peppers have more than double the vitamin c than oranges do, so now there is no excuse to be drinking orange juice choose water.
5.Eggs are one of the best choices for breakfast as they are rich in both protein and good fats and will keep you fuller for longer.
6.Drink full fat milk. The less fat something has the more toxic it will be to your body and harder to digest. Eat foods in their most natural forms.
7.Use butter as it will keep your hormones happy and fill you with nutrients such as vit a, d, e and k
8.Ask for full fat milk. Soy milk is highly estrogenic and will give you a fat ass
9.Eat the whole egg. Did you know that yolks actually reduce cholesterol and are the most nutritious part of the egg.
10.Full fat greek yoghurt is the best choice. Low fat yoghurt is full of sugar and will make you fat!
11.Lift heavy for less reps as it will stimulate type 2 muscle fibres and boost your metabolism
12.Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast will cause your body to go into starvation mode and will hold onto any fat you have.
13.Nuts are an excellent source of fat along with many beneficial nutrients. Many studies show that an adequate consumption of nuts will not only help you maintain a healthy body weight but ward off disease.
14.Saturated fat gets a lot of bad press however we possibly can not function without it as our brains are made up of 80% saturated fat and your brain needs feeding. There are no concluded studies linked to saturated fat and heart disease.
15.Grass fed beef is a wonderful source of CLA which has been shown to burn large amounts of body fat
16.Chicken skin is not only delicious, it is very good for us. The skin is an excellent source of fat.
17.Sleeping is one of the most important factors in fat loss. While we are asleep, our hormones are regulated. Regulating hormones is essential for keeping fat off your body.
18.Drink water during and after your workout as sports drinks are full of sugar and this will be stored as fat.
19.When your body is not fed, it automatically goes into starvation mode and holds onto all the fat it has. Eat regularly and your body will naturally burn the fat as it will know when the next meal is coming.

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