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Friday, July 1, 2011

5 Top Foods Rich In Fiber To Lose Weight

Health and wellness are now in very high demand. This may be because now, more than ever, diseases and obesity are at an all time high. America, especially, is being hit with obesity pretty hard. The plethora of fast food chains and unhealthful foods have dominated the masses' palates. Eating fiber to lose weight is not a new concept and can even boost their over-all health

People tend to forget the basics of a good diet. It's not the amount of calories per serving or the food pyramid. Many people have forgotten the benefits of fiber in weight loss, management of cholesterol and prevention of certain types of cancer.

Fiber has been known to be beneficial to the body in so many ways. As everyone knows, fiber can also help moderate the digestive system. It cleans out toxins and activates the body's bowel to move on a regular basis. Also, eating whole grains can greatly decrease the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Not only does it stimulate good bowel movement, it also satiates hunger. Thus, a person would feel full more and eat less. Fiber and weight loss have been linked for the longest time but some find it hard to determine which foods have enough fiber to lose weight on.

Here are some high-fiber foods that help you lose weight and gain all the other benefits as well. Using fiber to lose weight is quite easy with the right pantry.

1. Bran

Bran is a very accessible and efficient source of fiber. Dietary fiber can be found in bran that comes from different grains. Oats, wheat, corn, rice, etc. are all places where you can get fiber to lose weight. What's more, bran can be dusted on food like pancakes or muffins to make it more fun and interesting.

2. Beans

Though some people might encounter intestinal discomfort with beans, they are still an amazing source of fiber, protein and other vitamins. The trick is to incorporate them slowly into one's diet. Beans are also versatile and at the same time an adequate source of fiber to lose weight. They can be cooked into soups, dips, salads, stews, etc.

3. Fruits

For a sweeter place to obtain fiber to lose weight, there are fruits. They are also good for getting a daily dose of antioxidants. The ones with the moss natural fiber are pears, prunes, figs as well as apples and oranges.

4. Nuts and Seeds

It only takes about an ounce of nuts or seeds to consume a hearty amount of fiber to lose weight and improve a person's health. They also pack a lot of protein, healthy fats and phytochemicals. Reach for a pack of Pi?on nuts, Flaxeed, Almonds and Pistachios for that daily dose of fiber.

5. Green Leafy Vegetables

Aside from enough fiber to lose weight, vegetables also contain vitamins and minerals essential to the body. Though most young ones don't find them very appetizing, hiding them in sandwiches and viands can boost a child's fiber intake dramatically.

Utilizing fiber to lose weight is very simple and effective. It can be found in foods commonly found in groceries, wet markets and gardens. Fiber rich foods are great for making anybody feel and look better.

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