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Monday, July 25, 2011

5 Ways to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week

You have desperately wanted to shed the extra flab to look good for the upcoming office Christmas Eve bash and to wear your favorite little black dress. Your target is to lose five pounds in seven days and this is possible provided you follow the correct regimen of appropriate diet and requisite exercises.

• Set a target: First, set yourself a five-pound weight loss target for those seven days. This is not only achievable but lowers your risk of cerebro-vascular accidents, heart attacks and even cancer in the long run. This target is by no means unachievable if you follow a scientific and practical approach to shed the extra flab.

• The correct exercise regimen: The correct exercise schedules and balanced yet less intake of food is a sure way of losing five pounds in one week. Enroll yourself into a well-equipped gym with the right weight training equipment to start exercising. Make sure that you work out under the guidance of an experienced and trained supervisor as he will ensure that you aren't over exercising and straining your muscles. Remember, it isn't prudent to use machines and equipment without professional advice as you may end up with a bad back or other associated orthopedic problems. Adding aerobics to your work out helps to sweat out that unwanted fat as well. Back it up with resistance and cardiovascular exercises on alternate days. This ensures overall fat reduction by over 20 per cent in one week.

• Eat right: In terms of diet, eat protein-rich foods to achieve that target of reducing five pounds in a week. Avoid fats and carbohydrates, particularly saturated fats such as butter, cheese, oil etc. Just avoid pizzas, pastries and carbonated sodas despite the craving that you might have for them during this period. Salads are the best and safest alternatives when you feel hungry between meals but avoid salad dressings as these have a high calorific value. Cooking your own meals also helps as it lets you keep count of the saturated fat intake.

• Patience is the key: However, do remember that fat reduction happens at a pace in which it is accumulated and a five-pound weight loss won't happen overnight. In fact, if you have been a big eater all these years, suddenly going on a crash diet and resorting to back breaking exercises won't help you lose your entire body fat in seven days. You need to have the patience to achieve your target. So cut back on the calories gradually while increasing physical activity slowly but steadily rather than in fits and starts.

• Have smaller portions: The average person has four meals daily and is prone to feeling hungry at those particular times of the day. Instead of having four heavy meals, why not break them up into eight meals of smaller portions each. Also makes sure to avoid snacking through fast foods and fried items if you want to reach that five-pound weight loss target. Fruit, brown bread and oatmeal are ideal for boosting your body's basic metabolic rate and these too, help in weight reduction.

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