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Monday, July 4, 2011

Alice's Version Of A Sweet Fix Helped Her Lose 84 Pounds

Do you have a list of special foods or recipes that you go to for your sweet fix? I know a girl named Alice that keeps 5 different boxes of cereal on hand so that she can satisfy her sweet fix everyday, but in a somewhat controlled healthy manner.

Alice previously had to have a sweet dessert every day of her life. It also was the main cause of her gaining 84 pounds since high school. The usual pattern occurred: less activity now that she was working. Partying on weekends with friends and family. Getting married and having 2 kids. The weight kept adding up, a pound at a time.

Alice readily admits to having a strong "sweet tooth" and eats more than her share of sweets. She also readily admits she does not want to give up all of her sweets. Yet, in order to stop the weight gain, in order to lose the 84 pounds she had gained, she knew that she would have to make some changes with her sugar intake. Or, the weight would not come off.

Her solution: find a substitute for her evening sweet fix.  She knew she could make it through the rest of the day if she could have a sweet fix every night after dinner. With the abundance of cereals on the store shelves and the massive varieties, she decided that cereal would be her healthy substitute for the danish pastry, chocolate brownies, and sugar cookies that she use to eat. It not only satisfied her physical hunger, but also her emotional hunger of missing her mother and their many baking sessions together.

Some of her favorites:

1. General Mills Cheerio's: 1 cup, 100 calories, 1 gram sugar

2. Post Grape Nuts: 1/2 cup, 200 calories, 5 grams sugar

3. Kellog's Corn Flakes: 1 cup 100 calories, 2 gram sugar

4. Quaker Crunchy Corn Bran: 3/4 cup, 90 calories, 7 gram sugar

5. Great Value Bran Flakes: 3/4 cup, 90 calories, 5 gram sugar

Alice would change up her choice each night and what she had with it. She mixed it up with berries of all sorts: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. And if berries were too expensive or not available, she would use banana's, raisins, crasins, or any dried fruit. If she had an extra physical day, she sometimes would put two fruits in her cereal.

Perhaps a similar action plan can help you with your sweet fix and your efforts to lose weight.  Look for something that is versatile, abundantly available, and that satisfies you. That is the key to winning long term.

Combining her own personal struggles with sugar sensitivities and 10 years of experience in weight loss counseling, author Gretchen Jack delivers fire tested, people tested strategies for dealing with sugar sensitivities, conquering weight loss, and staying motivated for the long haul. Gretchen gives you a wealth of skill power so you don't need will power.

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