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Friday, July 1, 2011

Desperate To Lose Weight Quickly? Stop Making These 3 Mistakes!

Lots of people that are desperate to lose weight quickly always seem to make the same 3 mistakes. In this article you'll find out what errors people make when wanting to drop the pounds fast, and how to prevent yourself from doing the same, along with the best way lose weight.

#1: Do NOT take weight loss pills

I was at work the other day, and my boss tells me "hey I need to lose weight fast, which pills should I take?" I was simply floored by how she wanted to approach her problem. Folks, you can't naturally fix your weight problems by slapping a pill in your body. If you haven't done much research on weight loss pills, you'll find that they only stimulate your adrenal glands and force them to work harder in creating adrenaline. Not a good thing if you want to be healthy.

#2: Stick to ONE weight loss program

I am always hearing people changing their programs around because they aren't getting "fast results." You can't be realistic if you want to lose 50 pounds in 1 week. You can lose weight fast, but not that fast, be more realistic about your goals, and if you are following a fitness program that has been proven to work for many people, stick through it and you will see yourself lose weight in a very short time.

#3: Do NOT use bulky machines

Do you know why huge bulky machines were invented in the first place? To help you complete repetitions of exercises, that means the machine is actually doing some of the work for you. For example: take a machine that works out your abs, I believe a popular one is called the ab crunch where you take your elbows and crunch down with resistance against your elbows so you feel the burn in your abs. Want to know the problem with this machine? Very low range of motion!

Instead of bulky machines, you should go with good old fashion free weights, much more range of motion and the body naturally has to stabilize itself during every exercise, so when you finish doing your sets you'll feel more accomplished of what you did, and you will gain more from it than if you were to use machines.

Look if you are desperate to lose weight quickly, and if you can consistently stick to a workout routine, eat right, and get plenty of water and rest, you'll reach your goals for sure. Dig deep, pull through, and you will be successful.

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