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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Eating Habits To Lose Weight Like A Celebrity

By joining a certain gym or hiring a personal trainer is the only way you think you can lose weight then you are wrong because that is not the only way and might cost you a lot!

There are many ways through which a person can lose weight and he may not even have to spend like one penny! Now you are wondering how to do that right? Don't worry I will give you many tips which will help you lose weight really quick.

Firstly you have to tell yourself that diet and exercise go together. You have to exercise and diet daily. However you may have one day off every week where you can eat your favorite food like ice cream and not exercise that day. True that the technology has made us so lazy that thinking of 5 days workout looks like too much to us. But believe me if you won't exercise then you won't be able to get rid of the weight faster.

Walk in your home or street after an hour of dinner. This will help you digest your food.

If possible then exercise in the morning before having anything for breakfast.

Things like ironing for 30 minutes, or taking stairs instead of lift etc may help you burn calories.

Twice in every week you may fast, that is, you may eat your breakfast and then have something very light around 7 or 8 pm in the evening. An other type of fast can be where you can consume liquids and skip the food items.

Cut fry items like French fries, fried rice, fried rolls etc from your diet. Say goodbye to junk food as it not only makes you fat but also ruins your skin, and makes you sick if you eat it regularly.

Play with young children in your street frequently or borrow a bicycle from a friend if you don't have one and do cycling twice or thrice a week.

Unwanted munching of food can be avoided by indulging in activities like dancing, yoga or Pilates which may keep you diverted.

Try eating at home. If you eat out often then try not to. In case you have no choice then try having subways, grilled or barbecued food.

Use less oil when cooking at home. One tablespoon is like enough if you want to seriously lose weight.

Its not about fad diets or going for Atkins diet. You won't have to spend much if you follow the above rules.

In fact, buying less junk or eating less out may help you save rather than spend! Try these tips, I hope they will help you achieve your dream! Cheers!

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