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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fast Weight Loss - Why You Should Not Consider It

In a fast weight loss program, you are usually advised to eat much less than you normally do and reduce the fat intake to a bare minimum. You may also be advised to eat only certain kinds of food and drink juices for as long as you reach the weight you had planned to achieve.

If you try to reduce weight through a fast weight loss program, by making drastic changes in your consumption of thousands of calories every day to a very negligible amount of calories, you are bound to see a downward curve in your weight. However, have you stopped to consider the repercussions of such a radical weight reduction on your health?

When you lose so much weight so soon, you are actually losing the water weight and muscle tissue in your body and not fat because muscle is mostly made up of proteins and is heavier than fat. When muscle is deprived of necessary nutrients, the body holds on to fat cells and loses muscle tissue, which is bad. As a result, the body burns lesser calories a day and you regain more weight than you lost when you resume to your normal eating habits and patterns.

In a fast weight loss program, after losing weight drastically in the first few weeks, you will find that the further progress would be much slower and finally coming to a halt altogether. This is because your metabolism adjusts itself and learns to survive on lesser calories. Any more noticeable weight loss is from loss of muscle cells, because the body sticks on to fat cells to get the necessary energy it should have derived from food. Consequently, you will regain the weight you lost, and sometimes even more, when you start eating again.

When things don't work out as they seemed to, you may want to follow some other fast weight loss program in order to lose the weight you piled back on. However, the aftermath of such an action is flabby arms, owing to loss of muscle tissue. Quick weight loss programs can weaken your immunity system and thereby make you vulnerable to diseases.

In a fast weight loss program like fasting, your body is starved of necessary nutrients, and you eventually become de-hydrated and undernourished. Prolonged fasting will start to affect other areas like your skin, hair and internal organs too. You will tire easily, feel lethargic and most definitely famished. This will cause the body to cling to its fat cells and burn precious muscle cells. You may become discouraged and disappointed and revert to unhealthy eating habits.

Fast weight loss program is not ideal on a long term basis. It is unrealistic and impractical. Even if you did manage to achieve the weight you desired with a cutthroat weight loss program, it is impossible to sustain it for a long time. Most likely, you will revert to eating like before and regain your old weight, thus reducing your sacrifices to nothing.

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