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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Going On a Diet? Discover the Real Essence of Dieting

For them, dieting is all about eating nothing but crackers and exercising like there's no tomorrow. Well, you probably have a wrong concept about dieting.

When you say you're going on a diet, it simply means you're going to change your eating habit, an acceptable eating habit. This article aims to provide the right idea behind dieting. So read between the lines and make sure that you grasp everything from start to finish. Read on:

Dieting is about making your eating pattern right - You've probably come across the words, a well-balanced meal. If yes, then you should know by now that when talks about well-balanced meal it simply means eating the right amounts of food. It doesn't mean that you solely have to eat greens and fruits. You simply have to follow the basic rule which is moderation. Moderate eating will surely give successful weight loss results.
Dieting is about keeping an active lifestyle - You don't just exercise to lose weight, you exercise because you want to be healthy and maintain it for the rest of your life. The most common mistake dieters do is that they tend toover-exercise just so they can lose significant amounts of pounds. Well, you may be losing a lot of pounds, but you sure will gain it the moment you stop. So for an effective long term result, maintain an active and avoid a sedentary lifestyle.
Dieting is about self control - If you know how to control yourself from many temptations like food and alcohol, you can easily lose weight. Controlling oneself entails an act of courage to battle against weight gain. When you control yourself, you're doing an act of dieting. When you control yourself from cravings, you're making yourself close to your goal of losing weight and staying healthy.
Dieting is about diverting your focus on other worthy things - If you've been focusing on lunch buffets and dinner menus before, now is the time to redirect your focus. Each time you attend gatherings, meetings and buffets, learn to say no to foods that you know will greatly add up to your weight. Focus on the greener side of the table. Place some salad in your small plate and fill the rest of the space with healthy nibbles like grapes, cherries and strawberries.
Dieting is about YOU - Remember why you're going on a diet. It is not because you want to impress someone. It should be because you want to change your physical looks and perception about yourself and life as a whole. You're dieting because you wanted to end low self esteem, self pity and discouragements. You're dieting because you love yourself, you value your body and you want to be more proud of it. Now that's the real essence of dieting.

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