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Friday, July 1, 2011

Grapefruit Diet Plan: The Quickest Way To Shed Pounds

Most of us know that models love grapefruit because this fruit helps them in maintain their sexy bodies. That could be the reason why experts have designed a grapefruit diet plan, which aims to help overweight individuals to lose weight. A lot of dieters are now following this weight loss plan because those who have tried it reveal that they were able to see the results in as early as 12 days.

Let us check first why the grapefruit diet plan is very effective and whether you can comply with the rules easily.

Proponents recommend the grapefruit diet plan because all the foods are so easy to find and prepare. In fact, for breakfast what you should eat are 2 slices of bacon, 2 eggs and a half of a grapefruit or an 8-ounce unsweetened grapefruit juice. For lunch, the grapefruit is still present, along with a salad and meat. Dinner will be grapefruit, cooked green or red vegetables or fish or meat and a cup of tea or coffee. Bedtime snack is also included in the grapefruit diet plan and it should be a cup of skimmed milk.

When you follow this grapefruit diet plan, just expect that you will shed as much as 10 pounds after just 12 days. If you think that this is impossible, then you are wrong because this is achievable as long as you pair this diet plan with the right exercise. Keep in mind that you can't go wrong when you follow all the rules related to this weight loss plan.

Grapefruit is known to contain enzymes that can help the body to burn fat, which could result in fast weight loss. But, some experts point out that the grapefruit diet plan should be treated as a way of starting your long-term weight loss plan. It should not be adopted for a long period of time because there are some concerns regarding this diet plan.

Specifically, several nutrition experts and dietitians expressed their concern about the deficiency in nutrition. For example, although the beta-carotene in the grapefruit is beneficial for the heart, this will be eliminated by the low calorie food consumption championed by the grapefruit diet plan. They also cite the recommendation of the consumption of any quantity of meat for lunch, which could be unhealthy. Meat should be eaten in moderation and we are familiar with the saying "Too much of something is bad enough."

That's why many experts in the field of dieting recommend the consumption of other fruits, vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates in small amounts on a daily basis. These include whole grain bagels, potatoes, papayas, cheese, tuna without mayonnaise and crab. This way, you will be able to compensate all the lost nutrition caused by adopting the grapefruit plan.

Sacrifices should be made when planning to lose weight effectively. But, our general health should not be one of them. We should put emphasis on the maintenance of a healthy body, so we need to eat a balanced diet, one that will answer the nutrition that our body requires so that it can function normally.

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