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Monday, July 4, 2011

HCG Diet Questions: How Much Weight Will I Lose?

The first question most people ask when hearing about HCG diet drops is "how much weight will I lose?" The next question is usually, "how long will it take?" Many people, impatient with failed diets and unsuccessful weight loss, are eager to get going and feel the HCG diet benefits. Achieving successful HCG weight loss is a big commitment but it's also highly achievable. Let's check what you can expect with the HCG diet.

How much weight can you expect to lose with HCG? The answer does depend on your commitment and how well you stick to the diet protocol, but our results show you can genuinely achieve substantial success - HCG dieters can expect to lose between 0.5 and 1.5 lb of unwanted weight every day. You can maintain this level of weight loss because you don't feel exhausted or starving on a very low calorie diet. Unlike other very low calorie diets, the diet is achievable because the HCG hormone reprograms your body so it conserves useful lean muscle and uses excess body fat as energy. HCG helps your body to use all the calories in the food you eat as fuel, and not to leave them as reserve fat in hard-to-shift places.

You should always ask the question, "will I keep the weight off?" when you think about a new diet. Dieting is useless if, after you complete the regime, you simply pile all those pounds back on. The HCG protocol helps you maintain your weight loss, even when you are no longer taking the HCG drops and you are back to eating more calories. HCG effectively reprograms your metabolism so you will feel satisfied with smaller portions. Many dieters report feeling full after small meals, with greater energy and less desire to binge. It is not advisable to carry on the very low calorie diet with the HCG drops for more than the recommended 45 days. After 45 days of the diet you should take a break and enjoy a healthy, low-fat diet with regular exercise. If you need to, you can recommence the program after three to six weeks.

How much HCG will you need for your diet protocol? This varies between dieters because the most effective dosage is different for different people. The recommended dosage is 10-20 drops, three times a day. But if you feel hungry you can increase the dosage by two more drops each time until you don't feel the hunger anymore. It's best to take no more than 20 drops, three times a day. It may make a difference to you if you take six drops, six times a day because then you're maintaining the levels of HCG more effectively in your system. One bottle usually lasts around 3-4 weeks, so you will need at least two bottles for the full 45-day protocol. Make sure you store your bottles correctly for maximum effectiveness - keep them at room temperature and away from electronic items like cell phones and TVs. Now you've got all the information in answer to your most important questions it's time to put the theory into practice on the diet itself.

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