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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HCG Diet Strategies: How Your Mind Helps Your Body

HCG diet drops help convert fat to usable energy. HCG diet benefits include the ability to get on with your life while following a very low calorie diet, without feeling wiped out and starving. But we all need a little boost sometimes. How can you use your mind to help achieve maximum HCG weight loss success?

HCG drops help dieters by stimulating the hypothalamus to control your hunger and your metabolism, making it easier to follow a low calorie diet. However, no one claims the HCG diet is going to be easy all the time. You should expect difficult days along with the easy ones. Fortunately, there are a number of strategies you can use to keep your diet on track. Your mind is a powerful tool - put it to work for the benefit of your weight loss.

Take a Gentle Workout For Your Body And Your Mind.

Light exercise is great for helping shift excess fat, raise your metabolism and improve your heart health but it doesn't only benefit the body. Regular movement helps promote feelings of wellbeing, positivity and calm. While you're on the HCG diet it is recommended that you take a gentle 30 minute walk each day to benefit your body and increase your happy hormones. When you enter the maintenance phase of the protocol, you can do more exercise. Happier dieters are more likely to stick to their diet routine.

Use Meditation and Yoga For Diet Success.

For days when you don't want to exercise, try simple meditation exercises to give your brain a workout. Meditation helps focus your mind on positive goals, enabling you to continue with your diet when the going gets tough. If you tend to eat with your emotions, meditation can also help control cravings and help you enjoy a positive relationship with food. Find simple mind-calming meditation exercises on the Internet or ask advice from a meditation professional. Yoga is great for setting your focus away from food and how much you are, or aren't, eating. The concentration on the internal mind and the breath calms cravings and generates feelings of control and peace.

Have A Positive Attitude To Your Diet.

Don't drag yourself into the diet with a bad attitude. Embrace this stage of your life with positivity and an open mind. In particular, be open to trying new things. Don't rule out foods on the list because you haven't tried them before. Include them in your diet and if you don't like the taste, try cooking them in a different way or add spices and herbs. If you've never cooked before, learn. The HCG diet works much more effectively when you can create a variety of dishes with the approved foods. Take a look at the HCG diet recipe book for inspiration and give it a go.

Motivate Yourself On Tough Days.

When you begin the HCG diet you'll be incredibly enthusiastic about the protocol because it's new and exciting. After a few weeks, you may find your enthusiasm draining away. Keep your mind on your goals and focus on how your body is changing for the better. Don't worry if you slip up once in a while. Praise yourself for how well you are doing. Get on with your life and enjoy your diet days.

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