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Thursday, July 21, 2011

How To Cope With The Diet Blues

Are you a diet hopper? Have you approached each diet with gusto at the beginning and the willpower to get down to that slim bikini shape you've always dreamed of? Do you run out of steam before you have reached phase two of your diet plan? Let's face it, this is what thousands of men and women encounter when they embark on any kind of diet. You are not alone.

It is the thought of eating foods we might like but not love. Worse still, we munch mournfully on foods we hate, willing ourselves to eat that oily piece of mackerel even though it might stink to high heaven and we hate the smell. But deep down we know that piece of mackerel is nutritious and because it tastes awful we won't be tempted to eat any junk to compensate.

However you mind works, being on a diet for a day, a week or for many of us a lifetime is not a life we dearly relish. We want to eat what we love and love what we eat. Life is too short right?

The good news is you can enjoy being on a diet. Did I say enjoy? Yes you can, if you follow a few certain guidelines.

Variety is the spice of life
We've heard this expression countless times but this really is the key to a good healthy diet and a healthy eating pattern for the long-term. Learn how to combine the various food groups: healthy fats, protein, carbs to make sure your body has all the necessary nutrients. Your metabolism will re-boot itself and begin to function much more effectively. Watch your portion control by serving your meal on a smaller plate. Remember each portion of protein and carbs should be the size of your palm. Imagine your plate being divided into three parts and make sure your portions don't exceed that.

Cut out the Caffeine
Some studies say caffeine benefits your metabolism. But the real truth is caffeine increases your adrenaline and insulin levels, so you may get that caffeine kick but in the long term it's not doing wonders for your metabolism because your body has to go through so many highs and lows. Opt for healthy herbal teas; green or white tea or rooibos tea without meal is very high in antioxidants and perfect for gradual weight loss. If you really crave a treat, savour and eat it slowly which will allow you to feel fuller than cramming a chocolate bar quickly. By eating slowly you avoid overeating.

Sleep Attack
Do you get enough sleep? Quality sleep is crucial to regulating the metabolism and losing weight. Numerous studies have found that those who don't sleep well have a much slower metabolism. Eight hours a day is ideal although the amount of sleep an individual needs will vary from person to person.

Supercharge your body
Potassium and magnesium are minerals crucial to regulate your metabolism and burn fat. Stock up on a good quality mineral supplement or better still vary your diet with a good mix of whole grains, nuts, bananas, legumes, peppers, potatoes and carrots. Add these healthy foods into your daily menu and make sure you pay special attention to variety.

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