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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How To Get Slimmer Thighs Through Low Impact Activities

As women age it can become more difficult to find aerobic or other fitness activities that do not create excessive amounts of soreness or discomfort in the joints or other body parts. Many older women are eager to learn how to get slimmer thighs, but find that most of the prevailing options are high impact and hard to engage in. The good news is that there are numerous activities that can tone and slim this troublesome area without jarring the joints or causing hip pain.

Before starting any workout routine women of all ages should first speak with their regular doctor to ensure that the intended activity is in no way compromising to their current level of health. This consultation should include a full medical work-up to determine that there are no existing health issues. After having received an all-clear message from your physician, you can begin.

One stress-free activity that can be engaged in is water resistance training. Many gyms and health spas offer water aerobics classes that are designed to work the total body without placing any stress on the joints. These classes include leg extensions and leg lifts that are performed while standing more than hip deep in water.

If such a class is not found in your area you can perform these leg extension activities on your own. You should stand in water that reaches to the mid-point of your upper torso while holding onto the side of the pool. Slowly lift your straightened leg as high as you can and then slowly lower it. Numerous repetitions of this activity will reveal the added bonus of working through the resistance that the water provides.

Pilates is another excellent option for those who wish to tone their thighs without having to engage in high-stress cardio vascular activities. This form of exercise works to target specific muscle groups and is capable of toning the inner and outer thighs in just several short sessions. Interested parties can engage in this activity by taking a class at a local health club or recreation center or by purchasing a DVD that is designed for leg toning and strengthening.

As you age you will find that you metabolism experiences a natural slow down. This can be combated by eating low and negative calorie foods and eliminating high-sugar and high-fat selections from the diet. As you employ exercises to slim down your legs, you will additionally want to make certain that you are eating the most beneficial foods for your training goals.

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