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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Include Grapefruit In Your Diet: Learn The Grapefruit Diet Menu

Losing weight can be done in so many ways. One of the easiest weight loss plan that you can adopt is the grapefruit diet menu. The reason why so many people love this diet menu is because you can lose as much as 10 pounds in just 12 days without the need to control their appetite for the duration of following the grapefruit diet menu.

Some experts claim that the grapefruit juice can encourage the fat burning process. This process could lead to weight loss, of course. But, you should not follow the grapefruit diet plan alone, you need to supplement it with exercise. Also, to make this diet plan successful, it is important to take heed of some things.

When you are on a grapefruit diet menu, you should avoid very cold and hot foods. Additionally, you need to remember that the length between starch and protein meals should be 4 hours at minimum and aluminum pans should not be used when cooking foods.

Want to know the grapefruit diet menu that you should follow for the next ten days? Here are the samples that you can check whether it will suit you just fine.

For breakfast, 2 boiled eggs and slices of bacon are recommended along with a half grapefruit or 8 ounces of grapefruit juice. Keep in mind not to add sugar to the fruit juice. The suggested grapefruit diet menu for lunch will be composed of either an 8-ounce grapefruit juice or half a grapefruit, salad and meat. You should not worry about the quantity because this weight loss plan is not so strict as long as you avoid foods that should not be consumed.

Dinner will be the same when it comes to the quantity of juice or grapefruit. Other recommended foods will be cooked green or red vegetables or salad and fish or meat. An addition of a cup of tea or coffee is also allowed. After dinner, a snack of an 8 ounce skim milk should be consumed as well. You should remember that your last meal or snacks should be two to three hours before bedtime because your body will not burn a lot of calories when you sleep.

To ensure that you have a balanced diet, you should eat small servings of fruits, carbohydrates, dairy products, proteins and vegetables. Let's face it; the grapefruit diet menu could be deficient in some areas so you need to supplement it with other foods because the main priority will be your health.

Grapefruit is a very good choice if you intend to lose weight. Several nutrition experts even call this as a super food for dieters because of its promise of recharging your metabolism and at the same time providing nutritional boost.

All in all, the grapefruit diet menu is highly recommended by a lot of experts as long as you follow religiously what is being advised. This is also perfect for busy individuals because the foods are so easy to prepare and they are all common, which means that they could be in your kitchen.

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