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Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's Hard to Lose Weight! Here Are Some Reasons Why

Every time you walk by the check out line at the local super market your constantly reminded how easy it really is to lose weight. All you really need to do is do this simple 20 minute workout, or take this magical fat loss pill, or better yet purchase this simple to use piece of equipment. Well if it was that easy obesity rates wouldn't be climbing annually.

Making what seems to be complex problems, into simple solutions

Its simple burn more calories than you eat right? This can easily be done by replacing that high calorie sports drink or soda with water and adding a little rigorous physical activity every day. Sometimes its just not that simple and here are some of the top reasons why.

Your Lifestyle - Do you want to reach your goals and take positive steps towards reaching your fitness goals? If so you have to be willing to change how you live. This by the way doesn't mean that this must happen overnight, but this simply means that you need to be receptive to change. Some things that may help are:

Cabinets - You and I both know what are weaknesses are when it comes to food, so why torture yourself by saying if I buy something I enjoy all I will do is limit myself to smaller portion sizes of it. Now im not saying fully rid yourself of these products, but just slowly start to cut them off of your grocery list.

Busy Schedule - How many times have you made excuses for having too busy of a schedule for you not to be able to sit down and set goals for yourself, pre-pack healthy meals, exercise, or get a good nights sleep to help your body recover? This is where ownership comes in, you are responsible for the schedule in which you have created, and if on your list of daily goals your health isn't one of them it will be hard for you to reach your fitness goals.

Setting Limits - Everyone has negative excess in their lives, take a look at what some of those areas might be and start to limit some of the time that you spend doing them. This will allow for more time for you to spend towards reaching your goals.

Your Eating - This is an obvious one, most the people I work with the main cause of them not reaching there weight-loss goals is not eating right. You need to be willing to replace some unhealthy choices with healthier one, and for some your going to need to take measures to making sure that your eating on a schedule to help prevent overeating. Here are some ways to help:

• Take some healthy cooking classes or research some healthy cooking recipes that will help you take that blandness out of some or your daily food choices.

• Take time to ready some of the labels of products that you are purchasing at the store. If you are aware you are more likely to choose something else or perhaps limit this product.

• Take your time in preparing meals for dinner as-well as the next day. If you are prepared your more likely to not grab the Twinkie in the junk food aisle.

• Watch those portion sizes remember to visually think of what is going in your stomach. If you have trouble visualizing then purchase a scale and read more on what the appropriate amount is for you.

• Last but certainly not least please CHEW YOUR FOOD!!! Take your time during dinner to actually taste your meal. Take small bites chew until the food turns to liquid, and then swallow. Also drink lots of water during your meals.

• Lastly many of us are emotional eaters or have depression issues that might deter us from our goals. If you think that you might have one of these issues the only way to move forward is to pinpoint the cause of these issues and deal with them. Please speak to a counselor about what your feeling and some of the issues that you might be having.

Your workouts - Consistency is key when working out, if your shooting for only twice a week then your probably not reaching your goals. Now im not saying you need to spend hours in the gym every day, I just mean you need to spend hours in the gym on a weekly occurrence. Here are some things that can help motivate your workouts:

Workout journal - to aid in the progression of your workouts. Even if your just aiming to maintain that 20 year old figure I guarantee that eventually if your not progressing your workouts then that figure that you had when you were younger will slowly start to fade away.

Take measurements - The only way you will be able to start on your journey towards weight-loss is to have a place to begin. Start by having a somewhere to start from by taking girth measurements or even more important having your body fat checked.

Hire A Trainer - This is my favorite of course since I have hired trainers and trained myself for years. Seriously though if you can afford it take your time to choose the right trainer for you and invest in your health. I myself have trained with a trainer and there is nothing better than walking into the gym and having someone guide you in the right direction.

Support system & surroundings - Its hard to surround yourself by people with the same health goals as yourself. You go to work and there are dougnouts around the water cooler, on the weekend it is always someones birthday and at home there is always someone in your family whether it be your children, spouse, or friends that inhibit you towards reaching your goals. Here are some things to help:

Family - First off I understand that you can't always fight the temptation but the biggest thing that bothers me is people saying that its impossible. Your family should be your biggest support system and vise versa. You should be the role model for your children to grow and live healthy lives. Even if your kids are refusing to eat some of the healthier choices that you are presenting them, then you should still be educating them on what they are putting in their body.

At work - Be proud of the fact that you have the chance to be a leader in keeping yourself and co-workers healthier, happier, and many times much more productive. Warning for the health of your career, please don't be the one to push this on everyone in a demeaning and not supportive way. All you have to do is think of some of the things that you might enjoy fellow co-workers doing for you that help you toward you goals.

Home - If your genuinely one of those people who can motivate themselves at home by working out then invest in some tools that might inspire and motivate you. Finally many equipment manufacturers have gotten the point that not everybody has an unlimited amount of space, therefore there are some amazing products out there that have space and efficiency in mind. Check out the fitcurrent store for some of those products.

Lastly if you set impossible and unrealistic goals you are sure to fail. Not every day will be perfect and easy but be sure to try to put yourself in a place for success. Follow some of these tips and research some of the other ways to help you reach your goals. Remember everyone has their weaknesses and being able to figure out those weaknesses is the first step to you obtaining your weight-loss goals.

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