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Friday, July 1, 2011

A List of Common Homeopathic Remedies for Weight Control

Homeopathy offers treatments for various aspects of obesity. Homeopathic medicines can help you lose weight, improving digestion, elimination and metabolism. It is however very important that medications should be prescribed individually, based on their own unique pattern of symptoms. Constitutional treatment which treats the whole person is most appropriate, but some of the following remedies may be helpful.

Calcarea carbonic is a remedy which can be useful if you have trouble controlling your appetite and generally eat to calm your nerves. If you suffer from any form of indigestion, and crave hot meals and eggs. Dosage should be 6c 12x or three times a day for up to a week to start a new diet program.Antimonium crudum is often indicated for people who are easily irritated when someone warns them not to overeat. Homeopaths also look for bloating and diarrhea, and you will often find a coated tongue. Dosage is of or 7c in the morning and one in the afternoon for up to five days.Coffea cruda is indicated if for excitable and nervous patients who tend to eat when in this condition. Take a dose of Coffea cruda 12x or 6c three times daily for up to three days.Argentum nit. Is a remedy indicated for sweet cravings. Take a dose of Argentum nit 30x or 9c twice daily for up to one week.Staphysagria is prescribed for patients who tend to eat to deal with repressed anger. Weight gain problems can be compounded if the person who has been bullied or repressed. Take a dose of Staph 30x or 9c in the morning and one in the afternoon for up to five days.Ignatia is usually prescribed for people who are very anxious and fearful, and use eating as a way tgo eal with tension and nerves. Take a dose of Ignatia 30x or 9c each morning and again in the afternoon for up to five days.Kali carb is often indicated if people are unable to shake off a cold or have back pain have, and feel chilly.Capsicum is indicated for people who are lazy> They will often have a red face, and suffer from burning sensation in the digestive tract.Ferr. Phos is often prescribed for people who are overly sensitive and flush in the fave a lot.Graphites is the remedy of choice for pre menopausal women who gained weight and struggle to lose it. The patient is often pale and very sensitive to cold. A another indication is a patrient who has problems with constipation and skin complaint. Feet will often be cold. Take a dose of Graphites 30x or 9c in the morning and one in the afternoon for up to five days.A dose of Lycopodium Lycopodium 30C is an effective homeopathic remedy for people who have sweet cravings.

If after trying the appropriate remedy for one or two months and your weight does not improve, remember to consult a professional.

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