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Monday, July 25, 2011

Lose 10lb of Fat Fast: 8 Ways and Methods

So your weighing scales are showing that you are ten pounds overweight which has to be got rid of as soon as possible on the doctor's strict orders. It's true that this is no easy task but it isn't impossible achieving it either. Why only ten pounds, you can lose as much weight as you want provided your planning and execution are methodical and done in the proper way. Here's how to go about it:

• Don't lose patience and harbor dreams of getting the perfect body overnight as this may end up with some very negative results. Rather, try and make it a gradual process which is bound to yield some lasting effects in the long run.

• Your diet needs to be severely controlled. Couple this with a well planned workout program comprising the right set of exercises, keeping your age, height, weight and overall physical condition in mind. Do this under the supervision of a trained instructor, if necessary.

• Start the day by detoxifying your system. Mix the juice of one full lemon, a tablespoon of honey and hot water and drink it one go. This will clear your bowels and help eject the unwanted metabolic wastes and feces from your body and is a proven way to reduce fat fast. This drink can be drunk between meals or whenever you are hungry and helps reduce unnecessary food cravings.

• Consult a dietitian to have a food chart prepared and eat accordingly to combat fatigue caused by a rigorous workout program, if you have got into one. The diet should be able to convert fat into muscle. Eat lean white meats, plenty of fresh green vegetables, apples, citrus fruits and fish, which are anti-oxidant rich. Also eat on a smaller plate to avoid piling of food and eat smaller portions.

• It also pays to split your meals and to fiber-rich foods as much as possible. You weight loss is ensured if you eat 35 gms of fiber every day and helps clean out your digestive system effectively.

• Do not skip breakfast and eat your dinner latest by 7PM as this aids digestion. Your body's metabolism is boosted after breakfast and calories burn faster. Drink three to four liters of water every day to reduce appetite and flush out toxins. Water intake should be at periodic intervals so that you make up for water loss through perspiration when exercising.

• If you wish to get rid of ten pounds fast, then simply say NO to sweets. If that can't be helped at all, eat a small quantity in the morning when your body's metabolic rate is on the higher side. Stop taking sugar in the tea and coffee that you drink everyday.

• Maple syrup is an effective sugar supplement if you simply can't have beverages without a sweetner in them. Avoid carbonated sodas at all costs. Eat a whole fruit instead of the juice. Green tea, minus sugar is also strongly advised at periodic intervals to enhance cardiovascular functions and for weight reduction.

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