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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Perfect Combination of Diet and Exercise

People set different criteria for themselves to be considered fit; because of this, fitness also became a very loosely defined word. It is common that individuals assume that being fit and being healthy is the same. Fitness experts would argue otherwise; being fit can only be achieved by finding and embracing a specific balance between exercise and diet. To be more specific, fitness differs from being healthy because it mainly focuses on the physical aspect of an individual. Today, there are a lot of fitness boot camps that claim to be the best in achieving fitness goals such as weight loss and body toning. Being healthy should never be commercialized for the wrong purposes. People achieve different levels of fitness not through which fitness boot camp they chose to enroll in; but on how they live by the basic principles of dieting and exercising. Fitness always requires personal dispositions that would support the way by which an individual chooses to take in becoming fit.

Strength, power, agility, balance, flexibility, local muscle endurance, cardiovascular endurance, strength endurance and co-ordination compose the basic criteria of being fit. Fitness experts formulated these prerequisites to guide individuals in what aspect of fitness they are slacking. Proper exercise regiment is the best way of optimizing the human body's capabilities in these prerequisites. Effective resistance training would certainly improve the strength, power, strength endurance and local muscle endurance of an individual. Resistance focused exercise programs push individuals to exert more effort. On the other hand, endurance focused exercise programs tests the human body's capability to sustain force exertion in a certain period of time. Agility, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and co-ordination are developed and improved through well planned endurance focused exercise programs. Weight loss is commonly tied up with constant and intense endurance exercises.

Proper exercise programs will not work if not coupled with healthy diet. Benefits of regular exercising, such as weight loss, are augmented by proper diet. Dieting to become healthy will never require the individuals to starve. An individual on proper diet properly chooses his or her food intake without compromising the level of nutrition that the body needs. There are two general laws in dieting, take in more protein while lessening carbohydrates intake and combine food groups to supplement each other. Those who are dieting or planning to diet should know that every individual should to meet specific intake of these nutrients depending on their lifestyles to keep his or her body functioning at its prime. To further improve their diet plan, individuals should mix foods from different nutrition groups to increase their nutrient retention rate and optimize their use of energy. Ultimately, individuals should be constantly aware that the human body can cleanse, repair and improve it well being as long as it has everything that it needs to function. Fitness can never be achieved by putting the body into unnecessary danger such as over exertion and starvation. It can be said that combining proper diet with effective exercise is a combination that anyone who wants to become fit should always remember.

Gillie Sutherland is the Weight Loss Retreat Manager at FitFarms, No. 1 weight loss / fitness retreat in the UK. She is a highly experienced Senior Manager in the health and fitness industry. Gillie has been committed to supporting others achieve their fitness and personal goals for over 15 years. Qualified as an exercise and aerobics instructor for 18 years, Accredited Life Coach for 8 years, she is passionate about helping women feel good inside and out.

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