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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Reason Why Diets Fail You

People that fail a diet are left with little option, they will place the blame on themselves. Closer examination says that it is the diet itself, not you! Millions of people in 2011 will set out on a diet, and most will fail to lose any weight. The usual response to this failure is to blame themselves. This leaves the person feeling beat and depressed because of their lack of will power. Blaming yourself also saves the vision, that diets are a useful way for weight loss. It is time to move this argument way beyond this, and search for the real reasons diets fail.

When someone is shown for instance, an Oreo cookie, it's not long before they feel the want to eat it. They will then try and fight the urge with will power. Usually you lose the fight, and sooner or later give in. This will start the end of the diet. Lets see why all of this happens. We know that the emotion that caused the craving to eat the cookie went like this, a sense was received through the eyes, and the mind formed some type of sense representation of the object that will be defined as the cookie. If the sensor receptors are working, the mind must form an image of it. When an image has formed, the brain has been taught to assign meanings, to these images, as they occur in the mind. The assignment of meaning is followed by an emotional response appropriate to the meaning assigned. So it was not the sight that will be the factor that caused the craving, but the emotional part.

For most of us, the meaning and image have become brought together with the basic part of the image itself rather than something assigned from within the mind. This of course gives the object the power to be the cause of our response. Thinking about an Oreo cookie has the same effect. We feel a strong desire to eat the Oreo cookie. This means that every time we are presented with an Oreo cookie or some other food, the mind automatically performs the emotional process and creates the desire to eat the food. These constant responses gradually break us down. This is the reason we give in, and the diet is history. The only way to lower our food intake and still feel good is to change this process of automatically assigning meaning to the images that come into the brain. This way we can slow the desire to eat unnecessarily and change our eating habits so that we lose weight and keep it off.

Diets do not supply these techniques and they fail the individual, you do not fail. If changing our ways was as easy as going on a diet, most of us would have changed a lot of things about ourselves years ago. The truth is we need ways that will help us to bring that change about or we will fail every time. These were just some of the reasons why diets fail you.

I was heavy growing up, and I know how it feels to be picked on and called names. Losing weight is a war that can be won with good effort, and grace, when you have the right tools. With this program I have lost about 87 pounds. If I can do it I know you can, take a look.

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