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Monday, July 25, 2011

Secrets of the Atkins Diet Menu

The Atkins diet began to be formulated by Dr Robert C. Atkins as far back as 1963. He read up on the scientific papers and was interested in the links between poor diets and obesity. He formulated the first Atkins Diet which was stricter then than it is now, and many people who had very good intentions of sticking with the diet fell by the wayside after a month or so because it was so rigid. Today's Atkins Diet has been changed to accommodate new thinking in the field of healthy weight loss and it is sometimes called the Atkins Natural Approach. The diet you will follow today if you chose the Atkins one maintains the basic philosophy of Atkins, but as this fell into disrepute when photographs of the late doctor were published after his death, showing him to be very overweight, if not obese.

One of the secrets of the Atkins diet is exercise. You have to exercise as part of the program, or you will not burn off the calories you eat. You should also not have a heavy meal or even a snack late at night, unless you propose to go for a brisk walk or jog after it, as if your body does not burn off the calories they will be stored and you will not lose the weight you had hoped to lose.

The official Atkins Diet website describes the diet in detail and is the best place to start your research to discover if it might suit you and your lifestyle. It is versatile, which commends it to a lot of people and not very restrictive after the first three phases of the diet. To maintain weight loss, you have to stick with the program, and remember the basic tenets laid down in the diet's "manual."

One of the secrets of its success is that it can be adapted to suit the individual and you can choose the foods you eat within a given framework. There is an Atkins version of the US Food and Drug Administrations food pyramid that is quite clear and which allows fats of the good variety such as those found in olive oil in the first three phases. Bad fats are also called Trans-fats which are those used for frying in fast food outlets and which are used and reused. Too much intake of these fats can result in heart disease and other illnesses.

If you had discounted the old Atkins Diet because of the negative publicity, the new one, the Atkins Natural Approach is worth investigating.

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