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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Secrets on How Being Happy Can Make You Lose Weight

Did you know that happiness is not only a feel-good emotion but a stepping stone to weight reduction as well?

Let us explore how being happy can actually help you lose weight.

The basic premise is that if you get happy first, then you'll lose weight. There is an increasing amount of scientific literature which supports this positive thinking approach to weight loss. This is quite the exact opposite of taking steps to lose weight because of fear of the consequences of being fat or looking unattractive.

On a physiological level, studies have shown that positive thoughts can help keep the body in an alkaline state that naturally aids in weight loss and boosts immunity to illness and disease.

On a spiritual and emotional level, being happy is a more empowering motivation to do things that will ultimately lead you shedding off those extra pounds until you reach your average weight healthily.

Also, cultivating happiness first can reprogram the negative messages our brain gives our body about food. When you start to think positively about food and exercise, the journey to lose weight becomes much more fun and enjoyable rather than boring and obligatory.

Focus on how to be happy, not on how to lose weight. Do this by doing the things that you love in addition to developing a few good habits. Here's how:

Take steps to balance your priorities- spend enough time to cultivate your relationships, don't allow stress and pressure to get the best of you at work, live within your means, unwind once in a while, live within your means, limit damaging habits such as smoking or drinking if you can't totally eliminate it.

Balancing your life this way will set a conducive environment for you to start losing weight by developing a good support system with your significant others, keep you from engaging in bad habits, and enjoying the things you will undergo to start losing weight AND maintaining it once you get there.

Stop computing for now. Don't be obsessed with numbers. Though reminding yourself how heavy your weight is right now on the weight calculator and how many pounds you still need to lose is a big motivator, it isn't fun!

You'll only stress yourself out and pressure yourself unnecessarily, running the risk of getting sad, mad, or depressed if you fail to reach your goal.

Depression leads to obesity as much as obesity leads to depression. It's a close relationship you'd rather keep yourself out of. There is a better, less stressful and more enjoyable way.

Fill up on happiness, not on food. When you're sad or angry, don't turn to food for comfort and consolation. Talk to people, help others, or move around to get some exercise, even if you have to go to the mall to window shop or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Exercise releases endorphins, also known as 'happy hormones,' which will give you the cheering up you need!

This doesn't mean starving yourself; of course you can eat, and you should. But treat yourself only after you have blown off the initial steam that came with your intense emotions.

When you eat after you've cooled down, you're likely to eat less and choose healthier alternatives. As much as there's a relationship between depression and obesity, there is a relationship between happiness and eating right:

Eating right makes you happy and the happiness you feel from choosing to eat right is a better feeling than any comfort food can give.

Set yourself up for success. Keep your home clear of the fattening foods you tend to snack on and other things that send you off on a binge. Stocking up on healthy food affords you an opportunity to establish healthy, solid habits. Set your place in a way that supports your permanent fat removal efforts where you are as free as possible from excessive food thoughts.

You can even stick a list of each health benefit the new healthy food your ref now contains, and a picture of how you will look like when you replace old habits with new ones.

Discover activities you love and do them. Happy people tend to lead more active lifestyles as well as burn more calories than those who spend more time being angry and depressed about it.

Happy people tend to take more actions in the direction of their goals while unhappy people tend to lead more sedentary lifestyles, grumbling about how huge they are. Do the things you've wanted to do, see the people you want to see, and most especially, pursue the weight loss efforts you've been planning to put into practice like that gym membership or diet plan with a can-do attitude this time. No pressure, no sweat. Just do what you have to do and enjoy it.

A slightly more realistic and cautious outlook also helps you lose weight more easily, just enough to serve as a gentle reminder but not to be consumed by bad thoughts.

Do all these things with a cheerful spirit and sooner or later a happy birth of the new you will follow.

My name is Kranti Gil

I live with my wife and 2 amazing kids in an alternative community that is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in a forested valley.

You can call me a spiritual seeker even though as the years pass and i gain more knowledge, more perspective, i sense that its more about being then doing.

Kranti Gil

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