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Monday, July 4, 2011

Small Changes Can Make Big Differences In Weight Loss

Losing weight, although a popular goal, is often overwhelming. It involves a lot of changes, motivation, and discomfort, so it's easy to get discouraged. However, small lifestyle changes may be all it takes to start losing weight or supplement a larger plan.

Sometimes people complain about water weight, but drinking more water is a great little tip to try for losing weight. Sometimes a hungry body is really a thirsty body, so drink a big glass of water before reaching for that snack. Make a conscious effort to drink water throughout the day to fight off the munchies. Your stomach will feel the water in it and not feel as hungry. If plain water grows tiresome, flavor it with fresh lemon slices or sugarless tea.

Another method to eat less is to only eat when you are hungry. This sounds obvious, but we often eat socially or out of boredom or just because there's food in front of us and it seems a shame to pass up the opportunity. Try to avoid needless eating by distracting yourself and doing something else instead. Suggest hanging out with friends somewhere other than a restaurant. Go do a chore or favorite pastime when you feel bored. Talk to people and do some networking at office parties rather than pig out at the snack table.

An easy trick anyone can follow is to not skip meals, especially breakfast. Cutting out a meal during the day sounds like a plan for reducing food intake, but being hungry will make you eat more later-possibly more than you would have if you had two normal meals. If anything, you will probably eat the same amount you would have if you hadn't skipped a meal that day, so the plan will backfire. Skipping breakfast may be especially hazardous to your diet because eating in the morning jump starts your metabolism so your body starts breaking down calories sooner.

Exercise may be the hardest part of losing weight because we all eat whether we are trying to lose weight or not, but many people easily manage to avoid any effective exercise. But some forms of exercise come naturally-like walking. Walking burns calories, improves metabolism, strengthens the body, and reduces the stress that causes you to scarf down a Twinkie rather than nibble a carrot stick. Find simple ways to add more walking into your day, such as parking farther away from the door, using the stairs, or going to your coworker's desk to ask a question rather than e-mailing him.

You can also use other small spaces of time to exercise. Do sit-ups during television commercials, jog in place while you're waiting for the microwave, or put clothes in the washer one at a time to get some extra bending in.

These tricks may seem very small and mundane, but less unhealthful food and more movement is good for anyone and once you have mastered these small steps and start feeling healthier-and perhaps lighter-you will feel more confident about taking bigger steps toward achieving your ideal weight.

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