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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ways To Stop Emotionally Eating

Many people who are struggling with their weight eat to deal with feelings. Emotional eating is one of the biggest reasons diets fail. It is not just about eating when you are sad either, many people eat when they are bored, stressed or frustrated as well. Most people tend to celebrate with food as well and what ends up happening is people turn to food whenever they experience any type of emotion. This can quickly lead to being overweight.

It is not realistic to think that emotional eating can be stopped entirely. Sometimes Mom's cooking or a slice of your favorite cake can really make a day feel better. Most people are not going to quit eating in celebration either. The key is to stop doing it most of the time. Limiting emotional eating to special occasions will go a long way to improving weight and health. Here are some suggestions to curb emotional eating that do not involve a trip to the cookie jar:

Relax - If stress is leading to you over eating then what you need is to decompress. You can try meditation, yoga or even a hot bath with lavender bubble bath.

Write it down - Keeping a food diary will show you the connection you have between food and emotions. You can also use it to keep track of how hungry you are when you eat. This will show you how often you are eating when you are not actually hungry.

Call a friend - It is far better for your waist line to find someone to talk to when you are upset. Once you get to the bottom of a pint of ice cream you will always find that your problems are still there. Lean on your family and friends when you need emotional support.

Do not shop angry - Or sad, stressed, or whenever you feel like your emotions are out of control. It is a good idea to not keep junk food in the house, but if you drive to the store before your emotions are under your control, you may end up buying something you regret.

Ask yourself how hungry you really are - If you have recently eating and the telltale rumbling stomach is missing, then you probably are not truly hungry. Make yourself wait a while. Either your craving will pass or you can at least wait until you are really hungry before you indulge.

Have a healthy snack instead - If you really want or need to eat between meals then try and have something healthy. Not only will you give your body the energy and nutrients it needs, you will feel better about yourself for doing the right thing.

Get some shut eye - Getting enough sleep reduces the amount of food we need to keep our energy levels up. The more sleep deprived you are, the more likely you are to over eat to compensate.

Eat - People on diets tend to deprive themselves too much. This can lead to binging and overeating when you become ravenously hungry. You should also allow yourself a treat sometimes. Swearing off treats completely is setting yourself up for failure.

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