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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weight Management - Blueprint For Success

Weight Management

A consistent exercise routine and a healthy diet are both crucial when it comes to controlling your weight. A weight management plan is dictated by whether you are overweight or underweight.
A simple straightforward approach to determining your own desirable body weight may be found in the below formula.

? For men, 106 pounds per first 5 feet of height plus 6 pounds added for each additional inch

? For women, 100 pounds for the first 5 feet plus the 5 pounds added for each additional inch

? For a small body frame, 10% should be deducted. For a large frame, the 10% should be added

Body mass and body fat are metrics applied to establish if a person is either over-or underweight. Refer to a registered dietitian for help with properly calculating your body fat. As you will find out below, the body fat amounts differ by sex.

For men:

? 13-17% is the ideal range for men in terms of body fat
? American males as a whole average between 17-19%.
? A man with 25% or more of body fat is classified as obese

For women:

? 20-21% is the ideal range for women in terms of body fat
? American females as a whole average between 22 - 25%
? A woman with 30% of more of body fat is classified as obese

Body mass index or BMI is as it is also commonly known as is a tool to measure your body composition.

BMI takes into account both your height and weight. Many registered dietitians use this resource to determine your risk for several diseases, most notably hypertension and diabetes.
Be clear in understanding that overweight and obesity do not mean the same thing.

For people who have been classified as overweight, weight management requires continuous physical activity and portion control


Anorexia nervosa and bulimia are two of the most common eating disorders associated with having a negative outlook on one's body. Anorexia nervosa patients have a habit of eating minimal amounts of food. What generally happens is dangerously fast weight loss almost to the point of starvation. This disease is most commonly found in teen females however there have been cases of males, children, and even adults.

Binge eating followed by self-provoked vomiting are both conditions of bulimia. This term is commonly associated with and sometimes confused with anorexia nervosa. Historically, most people do not lose weight following this process and typically never get the medical attention that they truly need.

Although you may experience a drastic drop in weight in a very short period of time, the dangers associated with excessive intentional weight loss by far outweigh the benefits.

Calorie intake profile for weight maintenance

? Persons classified as sedentary or obese, 10 calories per pound is ideal
? Persons over the age of 55 of highly inactive, 13 calories per pound
? Persons who maintain a moderate level of activity, 15 calories per pound
? Persons who maintain a strenuous level of activity, 18 calories per pound

Classification of activity levels

? Low- never planned physical activity. Occasional week day or weekend activities (tennis cutting the lawn)
? Moderate- more involved processes such as swimming, jogging, and fast paced walking for one half hour to one hour
? Strenuous- Physically challenging physical activity which goes on 4-5 days per week for about an hour. Examples of this type of exercise include boxing or P90 X.

Establishing a balanced diet

? Reduce you meat consumption to no more than one serving a day. Fish and chicken are better options which are generally less processed and less fattening.

? Eliminate fried foods altogether. The absorbed cooking oils will add bad fats to your diet. Baked or broiled is the way to go.

? When feeling the urge to snack or have some dessert, consider fresh fruit or protein laced fruit smoothies opposed to salty and sugary treats like candy and ice cream.

Suggestions for weight management

? Consistently eat a well-balanced healthy diet
? Create a balance between physical activity and a good diet for optimal weight loss results
? Gradually adjust your habit opposed to trying to make drastic overnight changes
? Eliminate if but possible, but at least keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum

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