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Monday, July 4, 2011

What Are the Ingredients in Regeneslim Weight Loss Diet Pills?

It is important to employ a health supplement for decreasing the food cravings and increasing the fullness after an average meal. You will only need to do a research on what these products are able to perform, or how exactly they perform the job of slimming down your body. The manufacturers in this area have developed many formulations that handle the metabolic process, in order to lose weight. It doesn't really matter what supplement you decide on, as long as the product contains the appropriate ingredients and it doesn't jeopardize your health. We will discuss, in this article, some of the ingredients that are highly effective in the fight against those hated extra-pounds. Two of such amazing ingredients are ChromeMate and Super Citrimax, both working jointly to increase your metabolic pace and slim down your body.


ChromeMate is a supplement created with oxygen, which is composed entirely from polynicotinate (niacin) and chromium. The primary active component in this formula is chromium. Furthermore... it is regarded as the greatest bio-available form of niacin-chromium available. Niacin-chromium is a vital trace mineral that's been observed to be 18 times more efficient than every other types of chromium. Its primary function would be to regulate bloodstream-sugar levels, to be able to effectively metabolize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in fuel for the entire body.

Scientific studies have proven that niacin-chromium is composed of 16 minerals which help to boost energy, lower bloodstream pressure, reduce bodyweight, reduce cholesterol levels and promote proper blood insulin functions, by accelerating the metabolic process and behaving as a food craving suppressor.

When using ChromeMate, you will find there are no special exercise programs or strict diet plans to follow along with. ChromeMate encourages the natural energy of metabolic processes and keeps the blood insulin levels at perfect ranges. It also functions as being an anti-aging agent by controlling blood sugar levels to decelerate the cellular process of getting older.

Super Citrimax

Being derived from a subtropical fruit of South Asia, known as Garcinia Cambogia, Super Citrimax is a yellow fruit shaped as a pumpkin. It is more widely referred to as Brindleberry or Gambooge. Constipation, delayed menstruation, edema or intestinal parasites had a cure in this plant, especially in the traditional Indian medicine. It has also been used as a very popular curry condiment in India, especially due to the fact that it has an amazing ability to cease fat development and cut back the appetite. In order to be easily assimilated and absorbed by the human body, the Brindleberry fruit is formulated in a bond of calcium/potassium and Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). The solubility of such formula, created in the strictest controlled laboratories, is perfect for our bodies. Super Citrimax is one of the most pure, effective and strong formula of calcium/potassium and HCA.

The effects of this formula are: hindering the activity of the enzyme that transforms carbohydrates into bad cholesterol and fat, eliminating the cravings for food, developing healthy amounts of serotonin, increasing the good cholesterol levels. All these benefits of this ingredient don't cause dependence or over-stimulate the central nervous system.

Learn more about what Regeneslim can do for your health and discover what's the best weight-loss program to suit your needs!

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