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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What Should I Eat When Considering Weight Loss?

Because of the fact that obesity is an increasingly large problem people around the world are always wondering what they should be eating in order to lose weight. That's a pretty big question and the short answer is that it is dependent on your goals. Precisely what is leading you to ask, "how many carbs should I eat a day"? Is it because you feel you're too heavy? On the other hand maybe you want to take up some kind of intense recreation and are looking to make sure you have enough energy.

As you can see the focus on this article is on what we ought to eat to lose weight never-the-less discovering what to eat to mend our body composition problems can also tell us a lot about our body's needs for energy and muscle development as well.

Perhaps one of the first things we should take into account when evaluating the quantity of carbohydrates we plan to include in our diet is the fact that, contrary to everyday opinion, our body doesn't require us to eat carb based foods. We can indeed function on fat and protein sources alone.

Perhaps the reason we hear that carbohydrates are the body's favored fuel is because our cells seek to use the glucose in our blood (which is produced by carb consumption) first precisely because surplus glucose is lethal.

It's similar to when you were a kid and ate the food you liked least first so you could finish with your preferred food and enjoy it fully. In any case that's what I did from time to time! I didn't prefer the brussel sprouts I just wanted to get them out of the way. Similarly our cells make use of the glucose first to get it out of the way and proceed to using the fat and protein.

So since we don't have to eat carbs at all (although that's not necessarily totally desirable) that gives us a lot of adaptability on the low side doesn't it? Don't get me wrong though, carbs can be a useful energy source and are body does keep some in the muscles and liver in the form of glycogen. This stored carbohydrate is then made use of during times of intense exercise or exercise.

It's been recommended that to maintain a your body weight you could consume approximately a hundred grams of carbs each day. Consuming around 50-100 grams a day can help you lose weight at a nice balanced rate until you reach your ideal body composition. Some individuals even dip below fifty grams per day and seek to achieve the state of ketosis for very swift weight loss.

If you aren't very active and don't do serious exercise you should consume a lesser number of carb based foods since you won't be tapping your bodies glycogen stores and thus there will be little need to restock them and any excess carbs you consume will likely be stored as fat.

The important point to keep in mind is this:
Carb consumption leads to higher blood glucose levels, which causes elevated insulin levels, which begets more fat storage.

Reduced carb consumption will results in decreased insulin levels and insulin is key in stopping fat stores from being liberated and used for your day-to-day energy needs which needless to say is what needs to happen if you'd like to lose weight/fat so lower insulin levels are a good thing.

So for usually for myself 50-100 (even one hundred and fifty grams on some days) grams of carbs a day seems like a good level. If you are a vigorous athlete or otherwise workout intensely you might find benefit in replenishing with a higher level of carbohydrates on your training or workout days. Just remember to stay with the safe carb sources like sweet potatoes, plantains and the like.

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