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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why Does Obesity Shorten Life? Live Longer in a Natural Way

Why does obesity shorten life? - "The killer of a fork"!

If your problem is excess weight and you have tried several times unsuccessfully to lose weight by various methods, then it probably is not your problem. Maybe your problem obesity lies in your health, that can not be cured fitness programs or weight loss preparations.Get the advice of your physician or a "fitness experts", and you will not get the right answer.

Your doctor will gladly make a list of foods that you can not or should not be consuming, but will not reveal the reason and source of your problems. Fitness experts will even try to sell their special treatments that will give you back a smile to your face.

Most doctors on the issue of obesity answers:

"It's not easy to answer", "The answer is farmore complex than theissue", "Many people today have no self " "Today we consume too much fatty and spicy foods", etc...,etc.

Such answers are hiding the secret of the manufacturer of "healthy foods" that are often a tools for weight loss brands. Keeping this secrets on mind large corporations are providing a lucrative business.

Years ago, one prominent and famous diet & wellness author wrote that if anyone ever "truly break the code for permanent fat loss, may actually suffer the same fate as JFK."

If you have lost hope in losing excess weight and establishing control over your health, answer these questions honestly and you'll make a decision today:

Do you really want to lose weight foreverDo you really want to look sexy and slimmerWould you really feel healthier and youngerDo you want to forever get rid of diseases that follows you

If on one of these questions is "YES" - there is hope for you

If you answered "YES" to any two of these questions - you're ready to take serious steps to solve your problem

If your answer is "yes" to three questions - you have 80% chance to succeed

If you have any questions answered "yes" - you are 100% ready to conquer your problem forever.

For many people who did not know the reasons for obesity, others are saying:

"He seemed so healthy '

"It's a shame, he was so young"

"How, he ran five miles a day"

"We are shocked, she was eating only healthy food"

"Something else is a problem. He was a vegetarian", etc.

If it is found reason, it would be an admission that their "killer comes from a fork".

If you want to permanently lose weight, start like this:

1) Program your mind for attainment of the goal 2) Identify the source of your problem

1) "The mentality that we have created the problem, we can not be used for its solving" -A. Einstein.

I want to say that most people think about what you "do not want", which is the main reason for failure. "I do not want" to gain weight, "I do not want"... to-have-any-problem. These are negative thoughts and the result is always negative. Think about what you want. Do not allow negative thoughts to control your mind, the result will astound you. When you see your goal already accomplished, and the benefits that you enjoy when you achieve it, nothing stands in the way of achieving your goal. Every day you create an image already achieved the goal, and your mind will be programmed for success.

Do not forget. Your mind controls your entire body and while you sleep.

2) Identify the source of your problem, for us it is almost impossible. But do not worry about it. On the threshold of the 21st century, the world is faced with two facts: the development of medicine is investing more than ever before and statistics are showing more overweight and unhealthy people.

Why we can not really lose weight? Why can not we be as we want? The real answer can only give free medical scientists who deal with this problem. Shocking news revealing the secret of lasting weight loss, but the obesity problem is solved.

Take control of your life, because tomorrow is the first-day-of-the-rest-of-your-life.

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Zvonko G. I read and write about health, because health-is-first.
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