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Friday, September 23, 2011

10 Secrets Shared That May Help You Reduce Belly Fat!

If you find that your midsection is the first area to gain fat and the last to lose it, here's a specially prepared list of actions you can take to start to get it to shift.

Everyone can gain body fat. But where we store our fat is hormones. Even if you think it's genetic, it's a genetic hormone pattern and you can change it... slowly!

Belly fat is the topic of this article, so here's the deal, in a nutshell, before we get on with the list. The stomach area reflects your stress hormone levels. The higher they are, the more fat will be stored on your belly in preference to other areas. The name of this hormone is CORTISOL.

Therefore! If you can reduce stress on your body, you will reduce your cortisol levels - and you can reduce your belly fat! Awesome!

1. COFFEE (and other stimulants) Stimulants add to your belly! Even fat burners do! This is because of how stimulants work.... there's no getting around this one. (Caffeine, Nicotine, Alcohol, Pain Killers, Sugar...). Stimulants 'stimulate' you by pushing on your stress buttons so your body goes up a gear, but this also raises your stress hormones (cortisol) which love to fatten your belly like a pig loves mud.

2. MAN-MADE CARBOHYDRATES Processed carbs are forms of carbohydrate that have been significantly modified to form the item of food you're eating, e.g. sweeties, crisps, bread - anything that is not in it's natural form (or close to it!). The processing and adding of preservatives, sweeteners and colours causes the body stress as it digests them, and stress = BELLY!

3. WATER, WATER, WATER! More In = More Out! A few more trips to the bathroom maybe but you'll get to pass the mirror on the way, which you'll soon start to enjoy when you follow these 10 tips! Water gives us 3 great things: • People who drink more water enjoy more weight loss. • People who stay hydrated well do not suffer from water retention and therefore bloating at the middle. • People who drink more water allow their bodies to lose more fat as the toxins released when the fat is burned are diluted and easily got rid of! This makes is safe to burn you fat, and your body won't do anything it doesn't think is safe!

4. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz.... Getting enough sleep, and getting enough good quality sleep, is a major factor is losing weight and reducing belly fat. To help you get a good deep sleep, remove all electrical items from your bedroom - mobile phones off, clockwork alarm in! Check your room is dark enough, quiet enough (ear plugs if you have to!) and a comfortable temperature (usually cooler than you think). Deep Sleep is when the body releases it's deepest fat and fat-storing hormone production decreases. It's a fact that people who get more sleep, and better quality sleep, lose more fat than those who don't.

5. BELLY TELLY BELLY TELLY BELLY AAAAGHHH! Reduce the amount of TV you watch, especially before you go to bed - try to have at least half an hour TV-free before hitting the pillows! TV alters our brain wave patterns making it difficult for you to achieve Deep Sleep, which is when our body does it's best work clearing out our fat stores. It's also when we recharge and without good sleep, your stress hormones will rise and guess what you'll get - BELLY FAT!

6. NOT SO FANTASTIC PLASTIC...Try not to cook, microwave or store food and drink in plastic containers. Chemicals from the plastic leach into the food and seriously affect your hormonal balance, causing belly fat at least, and has been linked to several female cancers.

7. CHILLAX! We've already talked about 'stress hormones' and of course, their biggest trigger is STRESS itself! Not high level stress (that releases adrenaline) but low level stress which causes your belly-fat hormone (cortisol) to soar.

What low-level stress to you have in your life you can get rid of? What can you do for yourself to reduce your stress levels? Take some Me-Time and chill out - you'll feel better and your belly will be flatter too!

8. DITCH THE LONG RUN. Lots of steady state cardio (cardio where you do the same thing for a long duration, e.g. jog for an hour) is very stressful to the body! Although it will burn off calories, it also raises your cortisol levels (stress hormones) and this results in.... bellyfat!

Even people who appear to be skinny and do a lot of this type of cardio will still have most of what fat they do have, on their bellies!

9. STAND TALL DARLINGS! Stand Up Straight! This will have an instant effect of the appearance of your stomach of course - but there's more to this than meets the eye. Try to never 'sit in your hips' or just let you top half squidge down into your pelvis. It squashes your organs, stopping them working to full effectiveness.

As a result, toxins build up and dietary fat isn't processed well, leading to more 'storage' of toxins, and fat - because we store toxins in our fat and our body needs fat to put those toxins in!

10. AAH, MASSAGE, Hoorah! Massaging the area can help to deflate a fat belly by literally squeezing excess fluid from the area.

It can also help with the appearance of fat by breaking down any cellulite that's formed, moving toxins along through the lymph and stimulating the circulation in the area - helping fat to be released for burning when your body needs it!

Good Luck and hopefully be seeing you all in your crop tops sooooon!



Joanne Milsom is a leading Diet Coach with over a decade of experience behind her. She is the Creator of The 8 Week Diet - A unique online diet system designed to transform your body and help you keep the weight off PERMANENTLY.

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