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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get Rid Of Underarm Fat

Excess fat on the underarm is something that a lot of women have. This is fat that seems to collect on the back side of the arms and creates a sagging, and droopy like, appearance that giggles and flaps around every time the arm moves. This presents a very unattractive appearance that leads to many women searching for ways to get rid of underarm fat.

It is important that before you can begin to understand how to get rid of underarm fat you must first know exactly what the underarm is. The area of the arm we commonly call the underarm is a section known as the triceps.

The biceps section of the arm is the group of muscles located on top of the arm between the elbow and the shoulder. They are responsible for bending the arm at the elbow. Another way to describe it that everyone will recognized is that this is the part of the arm that people flex to show off their muscles.

The area of the arm directly underneath, or on the other side, of this is called the triceps. It is the triceps which are the section of the arm we are concerned with to get rid of underarm fat.

The triceps area can be a part of the body where fat deposits accumulate. It can happen in both men and women. However it seems to be overwhelmingly more common in women. This is the reason why women are concerned with how to get rid of underarm fat.

Just like with most all areas of the human body, there are two primary things you must address if you want to get rid of underarm fat.

The very first thing, which is pretty obvious, is the fat itself.

The most important point to know here is that, other than some sort of costly surgical procedure, there is no pill or weight loss supplement that specifically targets underarm fat.

You have to reduce, and lower, the overall fat in your body! But the good news is that once you begin to do this, the arms are one of the very first noticeable areas where you will definitely see a difference.

So as you reduce your body fat you will quickly notice the arm fat decreasing as well.

The weight loss, and diet industry, is absolutely huge with constant ads on TV, radio, magazines, the internet, in your email inbox, billboards, etc. It is literally everywhere. So there is no need to specifically go in to it with this article.

The point we are trying to make is that by now everybody should already know that the key to weight loss and reducing body fat is not some diet that you go on, and then later go off.

You have to educate yourself about food, and nutrition, and then change the way you eat for life!

This is all the basics which we already know like avoiding or completely eliminating high fat foods, eating more whole grain foods, fruits, and vegetables, eating less meat, drinking more water, etc. We already know what to do.

Of course most of us see this as some major life changing event which is why we never do it. But the truth is that getting started is the hardest part. After a couple of weeks it will become a habit. It will become your new normal.

The second part to losing underarm fat is strengthening, firming, and toning, those triceps muscles. And just like strengthening any muscle in the body this will involve some sort of resistance exercise.

One very effective exercise to get rid of underarm fat is the basic push up. However you will alter the placement of your hands to specifically target the triceps back part of your arms.

This is commonly called a diamond push up. This is because you will take your thumbs and pointer fingers and create a diamond.

So instead of doing the push up with your hands spread apart, you are going to place both hands together and support yourself that way. Make the thumb and the first finger of each hand touch each other. The shape it creates looks just like a diamond. Then you do the push ups with your hands in this position.

If you can't do the push up from your toes then I would recommend doing them on your knees. Keep in mind you are not trying to set any records or impress anybody. So just do what you can when you are starting out. Your strength will increase and you will be able to do more over time.

This exercise is really great for toning the triceps, and the back of the arms, and of course to get rid of underarm fat.

But it is extremely important to keep in mind that, depending on the amount of your fat, the exercises by itself will not get rid of underarm fat. You are going to have to reduce the amount of fat in your body by improving what you eat and some aerobic activity to burn excess fat.

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