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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Green Teas For Weight Loss And More - Dressing It Up For Fun And Comfort

People have commonly been using teas for weight loss. Some use it to boost their energy, some use it to suppress their hunger. Either way you use it, the best tea for weight loss will 9 times out of 10 will be green tea. With everything that this does for you, no wonder people have been using it since before America was discovered. For many years people have used what's in this powerful leaf's extract to cure ailments and treat diseases.

The reasons why they are the best tea for weight loss lie within. The metabolism boost will help you lose weight faster. The caffeine will help your metabolism stay engaged. That's why it's in your best interest to drink it if you are trying to lose weight. This is only one benefit of this amazing beverage.

It also contains many cancer fighting supplements. It is also now used to comprise many various herbal diet plans and supplements. You will need to drink water, but water alone won't perform like green tea. Of course, water is most essential because your body needs it to perform in everything it does including weight loss.

These tea blends on their own can be bitter. Many people drink it with honey, artificial sugar, real sugar or even a little brown sugar. Finding tastier ways to drink this beneficial health drink.

Flavored tonic water is calorie free. It comes in many flavors like lime, raspberry, peach, and pear. The fizzy texture that this adds can be very enjoyable. Lemon and lime slices can add pizzazz as well, and more texture and crispness.

You can also take calorie free sweetened kool-aid, and make ice cubes. Mix these with pure green tea, for a fresh and new taste. This is a colorful way to dress up your green tea.

It can also be used in "hot tottie" form. Hot totties are used when people have sore throats. The heat, honey, the lemon, and the whiskey work wonders for sore throats. Use your base as green tea, add honey, lemon, and whiskey. This can soothe your throat, energize you, and warm you up during cold weather.

Also if you drink coffee, this beverage warm could possibly replace your coffee/caffeine dependency. The caffeine is green is slowly releases in your system. This time release effect from the green tea's caffeine, is not problematic like that which is in coffee. The prolonged use of these caffeine have been known to increase blood pressure and resting heart rates to unhealthy levels. The caffeine in green tea cannot do this, even with everyday use.

The refreshment possibilities of natural and herbal phenomenon are endless, and the health benefits go a long way. Green tea is safe to drink everyday for health, life, and well being.

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