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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How Can You Speed Up Your Metabolism Besides Diet?

It is very difficult to find the way to speed up your metabolism by using different foods or diets. Actually, diets cannot speed up the metabolism without any help. So you will need to find another way that will make your metabolism faster. Therefore, I am here to help you find the right way quicker. There is only one right way that helps you speed up your metabolism. It is running. This cardio exercise is very powerful, and it is recognized as the best exercise for weight loss. However, you should do it properly because you can damage your health without the right technique. So here are useful tips I am going to share with you about how you can speed up your metabolism by running.

How to adjust yourself for running?

Here are three important tips you should know before you start to run. The first and most important tip is running shoes. Running shoes will make your run more enjoyable. They will reduce the shocks that can traumatize your heel and knees. So you will feel very comfortable while you run.

The second tip is running cloth. The right running clothes will improve protection from the weather. They are meant to ward of the sweat of your body and keep your body temperature steady. So your race will be enjoyable in any weather conditions.

The third tip is a warm up exercise. You should warm up your body before you start any exercise. You cannot skip it. It will warm up your blood temperature, and it will increase the heart rate. Thus, you will avoid the strains that can affect your ability to exercise. You should warm up your body temperature by using light aerobic exercises.

How to run as a beginner?

If you are not familiar with running, you will need to start it very slowly. First, you must find out how long you can run or jog. It will be necessary to plan your schedule. Suppose you can run at least one minute. When you are ready to start run, you should start with walking exercise. For example, you need to walk briskly for 3 minutes and run slowly for one minute. You must reduce your walking time for one minute every week, and you must increase the running time for 1 minute every week. In this way you will improve your strength. After one month you will be able to run much faster and longer. So your metabolism will be faster and able to burn more excess calories.

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