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Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to Create a Healthy Perception of Your Weight to Melt Away the Pounds

If one were to ask most people what their primary struggle was, weight would come up more times than not. Thanks to our society, we really have no idea what is healthy and what is not. How many times have you seen a tabloid praise some actress for how great she looks in a bikini only to assert that she has an eating disorder the very next week? On the other side of the fence, you have people saying that big is beautiful. While I applaud their enthusiasm and self-confidence, you can not honestly think being big is how you are supposed to be given all of the known health issues associated with being overweight. All that being said, here are some techniques I have used to alter my perception of my own weight and successfully lose almost 100 pounds.

1. Be Aware of Your Thoughts and How They Make You Feel
So, a negative perception of weight in either the over or under side of health can dramatically decrease your chances of success. If any of you out there struggle with your weight, the following scenario will resonate with you. If you are over or under weight, you most likely feel ashamed of your body. Sure you might put on a brave front, but on the inside you are in pain. You know you want to be healthier, and many of you have tried, but you keep coming back to your struggle.

Your thought processes come up with lines like, "I am such a failure," or "I will never be able to reach my goal." That is where our old friend "This is just the way I am," pops up. But again, this thought process, like all processes and perceptions, is the beginning of a series of events. Your insecurity is validated. So you aren't proactive due to fear of failure, you are not confident in relationships because of that insecurity, and you worry about the judgment of others so you avoid being in the spotlight, a place often associated with great financial gain.

Now, this scenario may seem a little extreme, and I am in no way saying that people with weight issues can't be successful in the areas of wealth and relationships, but I have seen very similar events play out in other peoples' lives to know the power of a weight problem and its cross implications to other areas of life.

2. Ask Yourself, "Why Not Me?"
So how do you get over this? How do you change your perception? I like to start with a question, "Why not me?" We live in an information age where you can find tons of people who have transformed their lives through reaching a healthy weight. Outward proof is powerful, so find a story that closely resembles your own situation, and then ask, "Why not me?" Mirror whatever success story you found. Take ACTION. You will hit resistance, but stay focused and give no time to thought patterns that put you in an unhealthy situation. You can do it.

Remember, you can do this. I have changed the course of my life and my family's life by losing almost 100 pounds from my heaviest point. I did it through these very techniques. While they are not exclusive, getting your health in check is a fabulous foundation for success in wealth and relationships.

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