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Monday, September 26, 2011

How To Not Hate Dieting: Using Your Goal To Motivate You

Diets are not perfectly designed to work for everyone. In fact, given a choice, a person would not want to undergo any kind of diet or weight loss program. It is only his desire to lose his weight that makes him choose from the diet plans available and follow them.

More individuals are now aware of having a healthy eating plan besides the exercise that each of them are doing every day. There are those who hate to diet but would want to benefit from these diets, is that possible? Ask those weight watchers, and all of them would give you the same response-"No."

First, let us answer why people hate dieting. A person tends to hate a particular diet, if the one he had chosen does not produce the desirable result for him. The feeling of wasting his time and money only make him feel there is no sense of doing the diet anymore. However, if he is really serious in achieving his goal, he should be the one who will make the adjustment and not the diet.

There are many dieting articles that are now available as your reference, and this will give you an easier time finding the diets that work and would not only waste your money. This article will help you and show you how to not hate dieting and make you successful in your quest to lose weight fast.

Most of us are really impressed with how the popular celebrities could manage to trim down their weights and maintain it. The fact that you only see a particular celebrity so huge one day, then after just a couple of days, you will see him lean and thin! This will make you think that they are using a "miracle pill" that has transformed overnight. Or you might think that these people are taking the advantage of the use of technology by undergoing "under the knife" procedures and cutting their excess weight.

However, either of these two would be not good for you. In fact, there is no such a "miracle pill" just like you picture it in your mind. It is just a myth and a figment of the wild imagination of those who desperately want to see themselves lean and thin in just a few days.

There is no a secret formula to quick weight loss, but there is one thing about it that would help you-diet is all about calories. You just have to watch and control your calorie intake each day, which is the foundation of every diet you will encounter.

If you want to lose excess weight, then all you need to do is to consume fewer calories than the ones your body is burning. This process would create calorie deficit that would make you lose weight. Diets are designed to focus on the task of consuming fewer calories, while the exercises are more on the task of burning more calories each day. Therefore, if you really hate dieting, then you should sweat more from doing those different exercises.

If you were one of the individuals who would want to get thin but hates to diet, the following are some tips that would help you to still achieve your goal. But of course, it will still require you to have discipline and dedication to be able to achieve positive result from it. The following are some of the things that you must do:

1. Look for the best gym in your place and join it. While you have the option of doing it inside your home, it would be better if there will be professional individuals who will guide you in the right workouts that you should do.

2. Extend your time doing the workouts and do it 5 times a week. Avoid doing the novice mistakes by doing everything fast. You should pace yourself properly and be serious with the things you would do there. Remember, since you do not want to undergo any diet, you have no choice but to dedicate more time inside the gym to burn your calories.

3. Drink lots of water. Water is very crucial in making you lose weight since this is all about dehydration process. Your body would need more water since you want it to lose weight, giving your body sufficient amount of water will help it do its job.

4. Change the way you think by thinking long-term and not short-term. Most dieters would really want to see themselves thin and only to be disappointed afterwards. You must put in your mind that losing weight will take time before you achieve your desired result. Avoid setting deadline on yourself, as you will only put pressure, which would not help you in any way. Just keep on doing things that must be done and stick with it no matter what. Though it will be really hard at first, but believe me, you will surely get the hang of it as time goes by.

Another way of effective dieting is by undergoing the process of fasting. This will require you of doing weekly fasting and will not restrict you from your food intake daily. It will be like once to twice within a week, you will not eat anything for the whole day, but of course, you are allowed to drink water.

This might scare you but actually, fasting is good for your health, as it turns out to be. This will provide your digestive system a rest and it will not make you overweight. It will not make any kind of restriction on your food intake and you will still have the normal diet you want. Although just like as expected, this will be hard for you at your first try since changing your eating habit is not that easy. However, once you do it on you first day, you will find the other days easier.

Losing weight is all about making the right decision. If you really think you have to lose weight, then you should do what you must do, which is to undergo a diet. You do not have to hate dieting, if you really want to succeed and achieve your goal, remember, that is the only way for you-use your goal as your motivation.

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