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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Motivation To Lose Weight - Could You Use Some?

"I need to lose weight, but I just can't get motivated." How many times have you said that? Motivation to lose weight is tough when you do not know where to begin. Let's see if this helps shed a little light on that subject.

When it comes to our diet we're told, "Don't eat foods rich in fat. Eat whole wheat. Eat eggs. Don't eat eggs." What is really correct? All the negativity out there just slaps the motivation to lose weight right out of the diet plan. Wouldn't you rather have a delicious menu of food you like, not artificial, but real food you can live with from now on? Well, it is possible!

How would you like some extra motivation to lose weight? Do you like butter, eggs, coconut oil, olive oil, raw nuts, and avocados? Guess what? These are all good for you because they are natural, unprocessed fats your body needs to help burn off fat.

Most of us consume too many processed foods like margarine, canola oil, and canned meats which are loaded with ingredients that quickly turn to sugar inside the body. In turn, the liver doesn't function properly with all this breakdown of artificial ingredients. Therefore, the body gains weight.

Want more motivation to lose weight? Stop drinking those diet drinks you don't especially like, and those nasty soy based protein bars. Those bars taste like cardboard anyway, and your body is working itself to death while it tries to breakdown all that sugar and chemicals.

Try more of the one ingredient foods like chicken, steak, fish, eggs, rice, sweet potatoes, fruits and vegetables for a more wholesome diet you can live with the rest of your life. Bacon and eggs for breakfast, chicken and green salad loaded with some fresh ingredients for lunch, tuna steaks and vegetables on the grill for dinner sounds more enjoyable than some frozen dinner.

The more natural you can make your diet the better. Stick to fresh when it comes to snacking as well. Snacking? Well you do want motivation to lose weight don't you? The higher you can "naturally" boost your metabolism, the more successfully your body will expel excess weight.

What better way than eating "More Often" to get you in gear. How about try 6 or 7 baby carrots and a couple ounces of sliced turkey, strawberries with a little handful of raw walnuts over a couple of ounces of yogurt, or a boiled egg with a couple of fresh figs is much better for you than a candy bar. Oh the joy awaits you!

So, forget that nasty diet plan of no carbohydrates, processed soy and tofu, and calorie counting. Start that motivation to lose weight by eating good food and lots of it. Stop restricting your diet and throwing your body into starvation mode by worrying about calories; just eat.

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