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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why Can't I Lose Weight: One Big Fat Reason Why Men Can't Lose Weight And How To Fix It

Men who ask Why can't I lose weight? often suffer from the same huge problem: They don't know how fat they really are.

Ignorance might be keeping you overweight or obese and, since you're a man, I know you'll want to know how to fix it.

They Don't Know How Fat They Really Are

This is a societal problem that especially plagues men because of how we perceive ourselves. First the facts:
There has been a dramatic increase in obesity over the past 20 yearsAccording to the Center for Disease Control a full 67% of us are overweight (a BMI higher than 25) or obese (a BMI over 30)The trend is worsening

We, as a society, are getting used to everyone being fat. Overweight is now normal and you have to be obese to even be considered overweight.

I recently slipped on an old pair of jeans that I had worn before I got serious about managing my weight. I have a 36" waist and I had to use a belt to hold them up or they would slide down over my hips. Out of curiosity I looked at the size: 36.

Mind you, these were jeans I used when I was much heavier. At one point my waist had ballooned to 42". I started wearing these jeans when I dropped to 38". I suppose marking a size 38 pant as 36 is some marketing ploy to make you feel good about yourself and my wife reports that the same thing happens with women's clothes.

Sizes these days are a little more 'generous'. The point is that men are getting used to being fat. XL or XXL board shorts and t-shirts are the norm. Man-boobs have become tolerable. Not being able to see our feet when we stand up straight doesn't concern us. Big guts, bulging love handles and pumpkin-esque faces are the status-quo.

The fact is that 2/3rd's of us are overweight and a full 34% are obese. This is bad and the older you get the worse it is. Obesity screws up everything from your sex-life to your cardiovascular system.

A BMI over 30, indicating obesity, is a signal that other chronic diseases are just around the corner. Nasty stuff like Type ll Diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndome, heart disease and even cancer all have rock-solid links to obesity.

The Fix:

Find out your BMI, or Body Mass Index. This is a number based on your gender, height and weight. It is a very accurate and reliable indicator of your condition. If your BMI is over 25 it needs some attention. If it's over 30 it's time to stop what you are doing and get some help. If it's over 35 someone needs to break the glass and pull the fire alarm.

Think of this like the diagnostic when you take your car in for service. They have to figure out what's wrong before they can offer a solution. Knowing your BMI will tell you if you have a problem that needs attention.

Tom Bradley lives in Provo, Utah and came to wellness and weight loss out of necessity but has hung around from passion. Tom's straight-ahead approach to wellness and nutrition to promote weight management and healthy aging is the simple solution for the trend of growing world obesity and chronic illness.

Want help losing weight? Tom has coached hundreds to lose weight and keep it off. Subscribe to Tom's Easy Diet Coach Newsletter and get a FREE Body Composition Analysis and Wellness Evaluation for a successful launch of your last "diet" at

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