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Monday, October 10, 2011

Carb Cycling: How To Use The Foods You Love To Burn Fat

Carb cycling is a technique competitive body builders use to shed maximum fat prior to a competition. Most of their training is to build muscle. Even if this includes gaining a bit of fat they do so to build as much muscle as possible.

But as the competition approaches, they start to "lean out." They use this technique to do this. This is a technique to speed up your metabolism that is so easy to apply to the everyday person like you and me.

This is how carb cycling works. You go for a period of days on a low-carb diet. Then you cycle to a high-carb day. Then you cycle back to a period of low carbs. That's about the simplicity of it.

A lot of people are quite familiar with the Atkins diet. It is the diet that popularized the "low-carb" craze. So what you do is you eat like this for 3 - 4 days and then you switch for one day to eating carbs. You don't have to overdo it on this day. On this day I look to the diet called the, "Zone" diet. This is where you eat a combination of carbs, protein and fat.

How many days do you do of each for carb-cycling to be effective? Well, what I recommend is to go for no more than 4 days and no less than 3 days on the low-carb diet then no more than 1 day on the zone diet.

When you think about it this works out quite well on many levels. If you've ever done a low-carb diet, you know that the first few days are pretty good and also pretty easy. But around the 4th day is when it starts to get old.

And that is when you carb cycle to the carb day. On this day you follow the "Zone Diet." Then the next day you switch back to the low carb diet.

The timing also lends itself to the calendar week. If you want to have your "carb day" on Saturday, then your next carb day can be on Wednesday. This gives you 3 - 4 days of low carb days in between your carb days.

Try carb cycling out! Let me know how it goes. You will find it is easier and more effective than doing either or. Your energy levels will be much higher, your mental focus will be sharper, and you will start to see the inches fall off. The best part is you will lose your hunger and cravings and you will still be able to eat the carbs you love.

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