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Sunday, October 16, 2011

How Can You Lose Weight Permanently So That You Can Be the Person You Want to Be?

When Alex was six, her mother died unexpectedly, leaving her with her devastated father and eight year old brother Tom. Alex's father was so traumatized by the experience, that he started drinking heavily so that he could try to stop feeling the ache and sorrow at losing his wife. In the meantime, little Alex, also struggling to deal with the blow of losing her mother so tragically, began overeating. Food became her loving parent, her best friend, her nurturer, her comfort.

The more she missed her mother, and now her father too, who frequently left Alex and Tom alone to go drinking, the more she turned to food. And it helped - food numbed the pain she felt at losing her mother, and now her father who often was not home in physical form, or when he was home in physical form, was not entirely "present".

After a while, her father got help and stopped drinking so that he could care for his two young children. Truly repentant, he started doting on his kids. But for poor Alex, it was too late. What started out as overeating for comfort, had become a habit which followed her into adulthood.

The very thing she had turned to for comfort in her time of pain and sorrow, was the very thing that tormented her day in and day out, as she became more desperate to lose weight permanently and stop overeating.

Like Alex, you could have turned to food for comfort at one stage in your life, and now you are desperate to lose weight permanently after attempting many diets for years which worked for a while. Then you would fall off the wagon, put everything you had lost back on, and become even more desperate to get thin for good.

Now you look at yourself with loathing because you hate the way you look naked. You wear clothes that don't suit your personality - just because they are big enough to fit properly. You prefer wearing black because it hides some of the rolls. You battle to tie your shoelaces, or bend down to the ground to pick up something. All in all, you are not the person you want to be, and its all because of your habit of consuming too much food, and the wrong types of food.

Please don't continue to despair. It will take work on your part, but losing weight permanently is achievable. Many people have, and no matter what you tell yourself, you can too. You can have the life you want.

What can you do to lose weight permanently so that you can be the person you want to be?

1. It is really important to first understand the reason you are overweight. In Alex's case, the root cause of her weight issues was due to her mother's death, her father's preoccupation with his own sorrow, and Alex not having anyone to turn to, except food which became her best friend and comforter.

2. Keep a tab on what triggers your overeating or craving of junk food and eliminate those situations (e.g. watching TV seems to be a common trigger to craving nibbles).

3. As an alcoholic would do, at the right time, eliminate the foods that cause you to overeat (e.g. crisps).

4. Add more of the good stuff (fruits, veggies, legumes).

5. Educate yourself on nutrition and its effects on the body as this will help motivate you to treat your body well.

6. Exercise.

7. Develop self-discipline - the root cause of your weight gain may be an emotional trauma during childhood for example, but it more than likely has now become habitual, and this needs to be broken, as well as the way you relate to food. You need to start seeing food for what it is, and not attributing such power to it.

8. The emptiness inside (and the reason you continue to overeat) needs to be addressed - what are you really hungry for? offers a FREE 60 day "Get Thin for Good" program that will help you to lose weight permanently. It does not focus on dieting, but rather of changing the way you relate to food, in order to give you lasting success so that you can be the person you want to be, and wear the clothes you want to wear.

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