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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How To Diet? Learn How To Diet, You Will Lose Weight

Most of us who are overweight have been overweight for...well, for a while. We've been on diets but they never seem to work. They either require near-starvation, or they are so complicated, or they are too time-consuming, or...well, you know how "diets" are. We've lost a bit of weight in the beginning but even that returned with a vengeance when the diet was stopped.

Very often (as in almost always) one of the major problems is that we are too excited about losing weight and we set up some major expectations. It's as though we think the very act of deciding to diet will be rewarded with immediate results. It's not going to happen.

It is of utmost important that we set expectations for ourselves before we begin any plan to lose weight. And, these expectations need to be realistic. We need to liken our plan to a journey. Let's say we plan to ride a bike from Miami to Omaha. If we leave tomorrow morning at 8:00, we wouldn't even consider that we will be there by 3:00 this afternoon. Yet, that is exactly what we do when we embark on a weight loss program.

Weight accumulates at a relatively slow rate...maybe five or ten pounds per year. One day we look in the mirror and gasp at that chubby-cheeked person looking back at us...fifty pounds heavier. We are filled with alarm and desperation thinking about that high school reunion in the fall. So, we set off to lose the fifty pounds but we fail to allow adequate time for this to happen.

Fortunately, it won't take five years to get the weight off that accumulated over five years. However, it will take some amount of time and the results will not be immediate. Therefore, we need to set fair and reasonable goals. For example, set the goal for five pounds instead of fifty. Once you've lost the five pounds, congratulate yourself on a fine job are on your way! Now set your new goal for another five pounds.

Remember, the weight accumulated one calorie at a ounce at a time. This will take some time. Avoid the tendency to embark on what is called a "crash" diet. You will quickly lose water weight that will show on the scale but it will not be fat loss which is what you need to lose. You will gain the water weight back and you will abandon the "diet" quickly because you find it does not work for your lifestyle. You need to buy foods from some source other than the grocery store. You need to eat separate from your family. You're feeling weak and even sick from calorie deprivation. How long will you plan to follow such a diet? Forever? Probably not.

Set a workable goal for weight loss...about 1-3 pounds per week...and watch the pounds disappear gradually. Remember, the time is going to pass might just as well be trimmer once it does.

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By Sue Bristol, R.N.

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