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Monday, October 17, 2011

How to Get to Your Target Weight

If you are reading this article, you would, in all likelihood, fall in one of the two following categories of people. You are possibly an already obese person, someone who has accumulated more flab in his body than is considered normal. Or, you are a person whom people once used to envy for the possession of a lean frame and an (apparently) healthy physique, but has since lost that shape. How and when you turned from lean to stocky, you cannot quite say. People from the first category might get away with blaming their genetic code for the shape that they are in, but the second category of people have only themselves and their lifestyles and habits to blame.

However, regardless of the category that you are in, it is important to first come to terms with the fact that you are not in perfect shape at the moment, and accept the fact that it would take a lot of discipline and hard work to get your body even close to the shape you often dream of. That is where you begin - with the realization that things would look up if and only if you work hard and stay disciplined.

So, how do you lose fat quickly and healthily? The answer is no big surprise. You will have to exercise a lot, and limit your eating to what your body needs. Your taste buds will have to be left in the lurch most of the time. They will eventually get used to your new ways.

Let us discuss the exercise part first. I have seen many people head straight to the gym in the hope of shedding all their flab. Personally, I do not think that is a great idea. To be sure, working out in a gym is a very productive activity and would help you build muscle and burn calories as well. However, if weight loss is what you are primarily looking at, you should probably consider doing an exercise like jogging to complement your efforts at the gym. Or, if time is a constraint, you could even consider replacing your workouts at the gym with regular jogging.

The question you probably have in your mind now is: why specifically jogging? The answer is simple. Jogging for duration between half an hour and one hour everyday would help you keep off fat more effectively than any other exercise. Jogging helps you burn calories to a considerable extent. Obviously, the more the calories you burn per day, the faster you get to the weight you have in mind. So, do try to jog for as long as possible. It is okay if you find yourself lacking stamina in the initial few days. Your body will eventually build stamina, as you jog more and more. Running would help you burn even more calories, but it would exhaust you very soon, and might harm your knees as well. Therefore, jogging is the best available exercise option for losing weight. Do complement it with hitting the gym everyday if you can. That would help you get to your target weight even sooner, and help you tone your body to an attractive shape as well.

And finally, we come to the difficult part - controlling your eating habits. Many efforts at losing weight fail simply because the person making the effort believes that he can eat as he pleases, just because he is exercising every day. There cannot be anything farther from the truth. If you want your draining and sweat-filled exercise sessions to bear fruit, you must watch what you eat. I would not recommend any specific diet, because adhering to one is often difficult and impractical. If you are only looking at shedding your bulky layers of fat, and not at developing a firm six pack, it would suffice to just avoid oily food, fried food, baked food, sweets and chocolates. These are the most fattening food items around, and also, unfortunately, the most popular. Make sure you keep a safe distance from them.

But then, you think your taste buds would get the better of you sooner or later, right? Do not worry. There is a strategy to prevent that from happening that as well. Designate a specific meal every week as your 'cheat meal'. In this meal, you can include anything your taste buds love. That is, to keep yourself in check, you treat yourself once every week. Remember, it is a cheat meal, and not a cheat day. Hogging on fattening food for an entire day is a sure way to undo a lot of your hard work.

So, in a nutshell, keep exercising hard, keep being disciplined about your eating habits, and you are sure to see impressive results.

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