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Saturday, October 22, 2011

How Water Fasting For Weight Loss Works

Many experts have formulated water fasting weight loss as the most natural and effective method employed in the quest for losing weight. It is a popular method that was used as a recovery tool in ancient times. This procedure involves a process through which the body is allowed to naturally heal by itself devoid of food. Thus the body is able to consume all that is stored including the excess fat and waste products such as viruses and bacteria.

This may not be the best news for someone trying to lose weight. But read on and see how it works. While staying without food is not a sacrifice many people would be willing to make, let's just see if it's a method worth trying. First of all, many detoxification methods are very expensive and most people can barely afford them. This simple and cheap approach may even be better than the rest.

This process gives the body a chance to clean and maintain itself by taking its attention off the digestion of food for sometime. This is the body's method of cleaning its own. As a matter of fact, a new cycle will kick in the body once it's done with the detoxification. This way, it would have gotten rid of all toxins that have built up in the body and the accumulating wastes too.

And so, within the first three days you may begin to notice some physiological changes. Since the body's energy source is glucose, which comes from the foods we consume, this energy is stored as glycogen in our bodies. This energy is enough to sustain the body for a day but will be exhausted faster during this fasting.

So if you are still wondering how this works in weight loss, here we go. After the body has consumed all the glycogen in the liver, it starts using the excess fat to replace the exhausted glycogen. This will normally be on the second day and the body will convert these fatty acids into glucose. Consequently, the body is taking in a lot of water and as a result the bowel too is undergoing some cleansing.

Hence in this entire process, the body organs will undergo intensive repair. The body's digestive system is given time to recover while at the same time ensuring that no toxins enter the system. But the important thing is that you will have detoxified your body and lost some weight too.

But there are several precautions that one should take while doing water fasting weight loss. While it's a good approach, we should be quite cautious in how we undertake the entire process. To start with, the best water to consume for this approach should be distilled water.

Again it requires a lot of common sense; not everyone can fast however hard they are dying to lose weight. Those with a weak metabolism may not have the ability to process the fatty acids. If you are malnourished or starving, it too will not be the best method to use. Pregnant women must never use it since the baby and the mother are in dire need of the nutrients.

So sit back in your quest to lose weight and think whether water fasting weight loss will work for you. Just because it works for others does not necessarily mean it's the best for you.

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