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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Overeating Is a Powerfully Destructive Habit to Be Broken If You Want to Lose Weight Permanently

It's dinner time. You have eaten a full plate consisting of three veggies, a portion of rice, meat and gravy. It just doesn't seem like you're full, so you reach for a large packet of potato crisps and a tub of ice-cream. Now you're thirsty. A glass of fizzy does the trick.

Does this sound like you? How about this: it's a Friday night, and the kids are out. Your husband is working in the study. Knowing your kids would be away for the night, you checked the TV schedule for a good movie. And before you arrived home from work, you stopped at the shop for snacks so you would have something to nibble while watching "The Hangover".

If you are someone who overeats, you are addicted to food. If you are addicted to food, you crave fulfillment from something that only satisfies temporarily. It's exactly the same for anyone who tries to use a substance as a form of fulfillment. The difference is that someone who is addicted to a substance will learn that if they want to have permanent victory from their addiction, they need to sacrifice all use of it - forever. With someone who is addicted to food, this proves exceptionally difficult because they can't very well give up food permanently if they want to remain alive.

You may have started overeating for emotional reasons, but eventually it became habitual and if you look carefully, it may even have come to rule your entire life. If you think of food as anything other than the sustenance your body needs for peak health, you may have a problem. And if you are overweight or obese, food may very well rule your life and dictates to you.

You may even prefer to eat in secret instead of spending time with family and friends. You may plan things around breakfast, lunch and dinner. You may go to movies because that's where you eat popcorn.

If you want to lose weight permanently, your habit of overeating needs to be broken. And not by dieting. If you think carefully, has dieting ever worked for you? Have you ever dieted and kept the weight off? Have you ever tried a diet and lasted a while on it, only to come to a screeching halt? Then you will agree that dieting is not the answer.

The answer is in changing the way you relate to food. It has to stop being used as a source of fulfillment. Instead, food has to be seen by you as a source of nourishment for your body to stay well.

If you are unsure if you use food as a form of fulfillment, ask yourself this:

Do I sometimes eat but still don't feel satisfied?Do I eat when bored?Do I eat for entertainment?Do I eat when something upsets me, or I get angry about something?Do I enjoy being alone so that I can eat?Do I like to plan activities for myself that are centered around food?

If you can relate to any of the above, you may be using food as a form of fulfillment.

If you need help to break the destructive habit of overeating, offers a free 60 day "Get Thin for Good" program which deals specifically with this, and aims to help you change the way you relate to food. It does not focus on dieting, pills or deprivation, but rather on changing the heart and the mind.

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