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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Simple Weight Loss Tips Anyone Can Use

Right now in the United States, the obesity statistics in the US are startling. Only one state, Colorado, has an obesity rate under 20%...and Mississippi has the highest in the nation, at over 30%!

What this means is that more and more throughout the country people are going to be seeking simple weight loss tips that they can make a part of their busy lives.

This is why I am looking to put together a comprehensive listing of weight loss tips. And these aren't for gym rats that have an hour or two a day. They are designed for people who have a job (or two), have to take care of their children, their spouse, and maybe even aging parents. It is designed for people with responsibilities.

So with that in mind I hope that you get something out of these tips. They have helped to change my life, as I lost 60 pounds over 6 months and have kept the weight off for over three years.

The first tip is to change the way you drink. You have to start drinking water and dump the alcohol and the sugary beverages. Alcohol and soda are both empty calories...meaning they are calories you consume that provide no nutritional benefit. And this applies to diet soda as well, even the 'zero calorie' variety, because diet soda contains all of the fake sugars that will still make you fat.

When it comes to drinking water, I want you to start drinking 16 ounces first thing in the morning, to jump start your metabolism. This will let your body know that you are awake and will start you burning calories. And then I want you to drink the same 16 ounces before every meal.

Why? Because studies have conclusively shown that people who drink 16 ounces of water before a meal will consume 15% fewer calories at that meal.

So between skipping the empty calories that alcohol and soda provide and combining that with consuming 15% fewer calories throughout the day you could easily save yourself 500 calories or more just by switching to water. This translates into one pound of fat lost a week, because it takes 3,500 calories to lose a pound of fat. And that one pound a week is equal to 50 pounds a year...just by drinking water and making no other changes to your lifestyle.

Next, let's talk about exercise. Most Americans don't get enough of it, predominately because of their busy lives. So first I am going to discuss how to find the time to work out and then I will discuss your exercise options.

When it comes to find time to work out, the problem is that we don't make it a priority. And this is because of family and work commitments. But if you are putting on weight and your health is starting to fail, the time has come to re-prioritize your life because if you do not then the time will come when you will not be there for your family. And then you will not be able to help them at all.

So here are the steps you need to take to create the time for yourself:

It's time for the family meeting. You are going to need to explain to your spouse and your kids that you need to take the time for yourself. Do not feel selfish about doing this. You need to create 30 minutes during the course of the day for yourself and it may be necessary for your spouse or your kids to help pick up the slack around the house or run a few errands for you to accomplish this.
Next, pre-plan your day. To me, there was nothing that was more important to finding the time to work out. By sitting down the night before and taking 5 minutes to figure out when I was going to work out and what exercises I was going to do made all the difference in the world.
Utilize your lunch hour. If you get an hour at lunch, take 30-minutes of it and take a power walk.
Get a partner. It's tougher to blow off a work out when you have someone else counting on you to do it as well.
Skip one TV show a night. Most TV is pure crap anyway so you won't be missing much and you just found 30 minutes to work out.

And these are just a few ideas but you get the point. You can find the time if it is important to you. And also, it doesn't have to be 30 minutes in one block of time. Taking 3 10-minute power walks is just as effective as taking one 30 minute power walk. The key is to get yourself moving.

Now that you have the time, what exercises should you do? Now, this is really a question for you and your doctor. You may have certain health conditions which would preclude you from doing certain exercises so I am going to keep things generic here.

The best overall exercise that anyone can do is walking, so long as you walk long enough and walk strenuously enough. A little stroll isn't going to cut it.

Now, I am not going to give you a recommendation as to how quick you should walk to start off because everyone will be starting at a different fitness level. What I will say to you is that you should be walking hard enough so that you it is difficult to carry on a conversation but you are not totally out of breath. And as you walk more and begin to lose weight, your stamina will increase and you will walk faster.

And in addition to weight loss, walking with also help you lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol and reduce your blood glucose levels if you are a diabetic.

And the last weight loss tip I have for you is to start eating right. The fact of the matter is that most Americans eat awfully and that is why the obesity rates are as high as they are. We consume too many calories, too much saturated fat, too much salt and sodium and not enough macro nutrients and fiber. Here are a few quick tips to help you eat better:

Eat six small meals a day as opposed to three bigger one's
Always eat breakfast. If you don't, your body will go into starvation mode and actually burn fewer calories.
Prepare foods the right way. This means baking or broiling and not frying. Also, you have to stop using the fatty spreads like butter and mayo which add hundreds of calories to your meal.
I mentioned bulking up on the veggies before but it is worth repeating. They are nutrient-rich, water-based yet calorie-poor foods that will fill you up without adding to your waistline.

My hope is writing this is that you can begin to experience the benefits that I have received from following these simple weight loss tips. Good luck to you and I hope that you reach your weight loss goals.

Tony Rovere regained his health, strength and vitality by losing 60 pounds and managing to keep it off for over 3 years.

This is why he created, where he shares his passion for health and fitness with others so that they can accomplish the same goals that he has achieved.

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